A day of healthy eating

For breakfast: Greek Yogurt

I tried Chobani and liked it so I thought I’d give Fage a try, but only because it was on sale.

I bought one Strawberry Goji- refraining from purchasing 10 just because it was a 10-4-10. (That’s how they get you.)

Greek Yogurt ReviewGreek Yogurt with JamBerries and Greek YogurtThe instructions said not to stir.

Yeah, right. I stirred and dipped my granola bar in it.

So good. Five stars. High fives. Many kudos. Eat this.

For lunch: Leftovers

I took leftover tomato soup, spinach salad with cheddar cheese and celery leaf and a Yoplait Lemon Tort Parfait (100 calories) to work for lunch.

Homade Tomato SoupFor dinner: Turkey Burgers and Berries

I convinced Husband to make turkey burgers for dinner because I didn’t want the peppers to go bad.

Sneaky me!

We do turkey burgers right in this house. Wheat buns, turkey burgers, romaine, peppers and onions, pepperoncini and SAUCES. (Shredded cheddar, too, if you really want to eat cheese.)

Berries, too! But this is not where dessert ended… Unfortunately.


Ruined a whole day of healthy eating with Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream. I say “ruined,” but I mean “made completely more awesome.”

What did you eat today?