A very skinny Christmas

A skinnyshae Christmas :)

And this is how we decorate!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother filled Mrs. Claus’ apron with chocolate kisses. I showed up a little too early this year.

I loved my grandparents’ house at Christmas. Even with fewer decorations, I still love it.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

My mother put up a real tree. It’s quite pine-y! And so colorful!

We decorated the cubicles in shiny stuff at work!

Finally, for our second Christmas married, Husband and I have a Christmas tree.

It’s a wee one, smaller than me, but I love it.

We decorated with Husband’s hand-made decorations from childhood and decorations my grandmother gave me.

Oh, and Santa heads.

Another Santa head!

My grandmother, if you couldn’t tell from above, decorates with Santas. She gets a new one every year. She couldn’t remember what Santa she’d purchased the year before and accidentally bought one just like it this year.

She gave me these Santa heads last year because Husband and I had zero decorations. I grew up with them. I love decorating with them.

My Christmas balls are also decorated with Santas, and Husband donated Santas to our Christmas decor this year, too.

Santa looks like Gandalf <— Nerd moment

Happy Christmas! (Hanukkah! Winter Solstice! Wintertime Feast!)

For whatever reason you love this time of year and for whatever holiday you celebrate, remember the reason why you celebrate and do it for that reason.

Christmas has always meant family for me. I am thankful and blessed for that.