Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt was on sale last week at Dillon’s. Usually, I wouldn’t spend so much money on yogurt when I can get Yoplait for $0.70 a pop!

But since Chobani was on sale I bought four flavors just to try: strawberry, peach, pomegranate and vanilla.

Strawberry rocked my socks! One container lasted me two lunches because the containers are huge and have fewer calories TOTAL than the smaller Yoplait containers. Sweet!

Note: My first experience with Greek yogurt was really awful, and I thought I’d never pick up another container again.

The peach was… not my thing. I didn’t like it at all and threw away my first half. I hate throwing food away. I did not want to throw away my other half, so I decided to fix it by adding granola!

Yogurt and GranolaI didn’t have any loose granola, and I had zero time to make homemade granola so I got creative. I had some off-brand oat and honey bars, which are awesome. I smashed them in the packages with the blunt end of a knife-sharpener (I now wish I used a mallet so I could say I used a mallet). And then I poured the yogurt and granola into a Tupperware container!


I did the same thing with the pomegranate and vanilla yogurt.

I was so happy with my “invention” that when I went back to Dillon’s on Friday for weekly grocery shopping, I wanted to buy more Chobani, but it wasn’t on sale. No Greek yogurt were on sale. Boo.

Well, I decided I’d splurge and buy a huge container even if it was a little more expensive. I grabbed the biggest, low-fat, vanilla yogurt for the lowest price and went on my merry way.

I did not notice until I got home that I had purchased regular vanilla yogurt. Crap. I feel slightly less dumb because it was organic vanilla yogurt.

And I did something awesome to it for lunch today :)

Organic vanilla yogurt with French vanilla granola and dried red cherries… You are so jealous.

I will continue to do this to yogurt for the rest of my life. Be prepared for me to be excited about yogurt… a lot.

I also had Pasta Primavera, which I made with chicken this time around. Not nearly as good at the yogurt…

What dairy are you downing? Too much. Lactose free. Please…

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