Happy Birthday to Me! I’m 1.

It’s my birthday!

Well, not my birthday, but it is skinnyshae’s birthday. My blog is 1-year-old today!

I feel like skinnyshae and I have grown a lot in the past year. Cooking, (not) dieting, hating exercise, loving exercise, hating exercise again… it’s been a real whirlwind, folks.

In the beginning, there was darkness…

I wanted to learn to like my body. After some time together, learning how to live with each other, I thought I might like-like my body, and then, possibly, move on to a more mature, less high school type relationship.

My body is currently going through some ance breakouts skin issues that are not helping our relationship. Of course, it’s all my fault. The Acne Treatment therapy classes seem to be helping. We’re working through our issues one tube of Clearasil at a time.

Proactiv Face MaskBaby steps.

Then, through the darkness, I saw light.

Before I could enter said light, I had to make a few changes… For example, while my personality is chaotic and slightly crazy and pretty weird, the blog needed direction.

Nerf Machine GunPlus, I cannot walk around with a rapid fire dart gun. (Unfortunately.)

In attempt to be less odd, I wrote a few weight-loss show review blogs. MTV and A&E told the stories better than I could, though.

Finding my own blogger style did not change the fact that I was still mad at my fat.

After struggling with Insanity – both the mental and physical kinds – and facing some anxiety issues, I finally reached my turning point.

I found a regimen that worked with my schedule and a great workout buddy.

My tag line: “Diet, fitness, beauty, and how much it all sucks” became less depressing.

One day, I decided I would be a cook.

(Sometimes) I am a good cook.

Occasionally, I mess up recipes. I do that often. A lot, actually. But cooking real food still brings me so much joy.

Baking can totally go die…

One day, I fell in love with running.

No. I am not lying. I love it. I love every second of it.

So much so that I bought new shoes.

Here are my retirees…

Now that I have a big girl job, I put more effort into making myself look presentable. Makeup, clothing, hair… It’s this whole new world.

And you get to be a part of it, my friends.

Lucky ducks.

Because of skinnyshae, my friends (IRL and non-IRL) and my stellar husband, my attitude toward my body has changed significantly.

I cook real food. I love running. I lost 10 pounds. I feel pretty in glasses (bright red ones) – accomplishments in my book.

Now, instead of wallowing in self-pity about how ugly I thought I was, I pay attention to the parts of me and my life that are awesome, such as my awesomeness.

skinnyshae ready to workout to Insanity DVDNo humility needed. I am super cool.

Through the workout FAILs and FTWs, through the stress eating and not dieting, through the eyebrow-plucking and world-ending journey that is skinnyshae…

Well, let’s just hope next year is awesome, too.

(Nudgenudgewinkwink: I think it will be.)

How should I celebrate this most amazing day? Cake. It is my birthday, after all. Birthday… giveaway? Dana, can I steal an idea from you… again?