A Project: Measuring My Sister

I maybe be a busy kid, but I try to make time for my super great kid brother.

Super great when he’s not being loud and irritating.

He’s a boy.

He’s 8.

I never win.

The poor kid is sent home from school with some of the most ridiculous homework I have ever seen. When I was in grade school, I never had homework. I remember doing reading assignments. All I did was read, and then my mother, grandparent or babysitter of the day would sign it. I didn’t have “homework” until 4th or 5th grade.

OK, so, yeah, that is grade school.Β  And maybe those reading assignments were homework, but all I had to do was read.

Not complicated.

My poor little brother… He was sent home with an assignment to measure stuff.

His assignment was to measure an object with four standard measurements and two non-standard measurements. Standard measurements are easy: yards, feet, inches, pounds. What are non-standard measurements?

Apparently, a non-standard measurement is just something that you would have to measure in order for it to measure anything in return, such as a toy sword or a toothbrush.

Enter the sister.

(That brown fuzzy lump is my mom’s dog Lady. She likes to help.)

You will be excited to know that I am 11 toothbrushes long from finger to toe and 2 1/2 toy swords long from finger to toe.

I am also a number of inches, feet and yards I do not remember, and I am thankfully still 130 pounds. No weight gain documentation for my brother’s grade school class to judge me.

Six measurements. One sister. Grade: A+.

I would like to tell you how this post connects with diet, fitness and health.

I would like to.

It doesn’t.

Oh, yeah, and skinnyshae’s birthday is tomorrow. How should I celebrate?