A reduced routine for a busy schedule

The semester ends in three weeks.

I have to pack my final law project, theory paper and public health presentation as well as two final exams in to these three weeks.

I can totally do that. However, I must dedicate all of my spare time to the aforementioned projects and papers.

What does that mean for my workouts?

One. Big. Bummer.

I have to leave for work or school at 7 a.m. every day. I do not have afternoon breaks, except on Tuesdays (for two hours), but I spend that time studying and eating lunch at my desk. I work and teach all day and I have classes all night. In between all of that I have time to study and work on my papers and projects.

My week days, half my Saturdays and all of Sunday are packed full of stuff that I have to do like school work and laundry. And, unfortunately, my workout does not make that list. I do not have to work out…

However, I figure if I wake up 30 minutes earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will have the opportunity to get in a 20-minute workout.


I found suggestions for possible 20-minute workouts courtesy Jeff Galloway via Runner’s World.

Of course.

Build Strength
Equipment: Nearby hill

Jog for 5 minutes, and then run up the hill. At the top, walk 30-60 seconds, and then run back down. At the bottom, walk for 1-2 minutes.

Repeat the sequence 2-3 times, and perform the workout once a week.

This hill workout is not feasible for me because the nearest hill in my neighborhood is not steep, and it’s a 10-minute run away.

Build Speed
Equipment: Local track or trail with distance markers. Luckily, city blocks in Wichita are one mile each.

Jog for 5 minutes. Run at an easy pace for one-eighth of a mile, and then walk the remainder. Continue walking for two minutes.

Repeat the sequence 2-4 times, running faster each lap. Do the workout once a week.

I am excited about this workout! I love speed work :)

Build Endurance
Equipment: None!

Stringing together several 20-minute runs in a single day boosts stamina. In order to do this workout, I would need to run again in the evening. I couldn’t do more than that.

Run for 20 minutes at a pace 3 minutes slower than your usual mile. For me, this would mean I run a 13-minute mile (if I’m feeling good that day).

Spend the next 30-90 minutes doing whatever you have to do that day, and then head out again for another run.

Do up to three endurance runs every 7-14 days.

Build Whole-Body Fitness
Equipment: A house

Walk (or run) stairs for one minute. (No stairs? Do high knees or something.) Do push-ups for 15 seconds, walk for one minute, do crunches for 30 seconds, walk for one minute, lift hand weight for 30 seconds, and then walk for one minute. Repeat as time allows.

You can find all sorts of workout programs like this in Women’s Health Magazine, or on their website.

The article didn’t provide a weekly schedule for this one. I suggest doing this workout on days you wake up late. So I will be doing this one often.

The next three weeks are going to be exhausting and stressful – more so than the rest of the semester. I hope I can work out for 20-40 minutes three or four times each week.

I also hope I do not stuff my face with stress food :)

How do you get your workout in during a busy day/week/month?

What is your favorite workout equipment? Me? I like the track ;)