A new warmup routine

Did I mention I absolutely love Runner’s World?

I did?

Well, it can be said again. I found a seven-minute warmup routine! I know that I have said before that sticking to your warmup routine is a good idea, especially if it works.

However, I like variety in my workouts, which is why I go to Shocker Fitness. It’s much better for me to try new things every day than complete the same old boring routine.

Hence, new warmup!

(AND when I am not working out at Shocker Fitness, I have to do my own warmup routine, and I’m lazy. Seven minutes? Yes, please!)

Ted Spiker, inspired by Rachel Cosgrove (C.S.C.S., USA Triathlon coach, Ironman triathlete and author), wrote this specific workout routine for runners who prefer to run, instead of lift weights or do any strength training.

Before you run…

Reverse Lunge – Perform reverse lunges, alternating legs, 12 to 15 times per leg. For more challenge, hold dumbbells.

Painful quadGo deep or stay high. I did not go deep in to the pose because of some quad soreness. Listen to your body!

Reverse lunges will warm up glutes and loosen the hip flexors with the added benefit of strength-training.

Single-Leg Hop – Hops. More than one hop. Stand on one foot. Hop in a square one to two feet from the center on all sides. Hop around the imaginary square six times per leg. Or, hop forward and back 12 times per leg.

Glutes, core, calves and ankles are strengthened in this simple balancing-hopping move.

Single-Leg Reach – Balance on one leg. Bend at the hip and reach for the foot.

Your other legs should come up off the ground. Perform 12 to 15 reps on each side. For more challenge, hold dumbbells.

Much like hopping, the single-leg reach warms the glutes, core and ankles, but also loosens hamstrings.

Plank with Alternate Leg Lift – Get in to plank position. Lift one leg off the ground, hold for two seconds and lower. Repeat five to eight times on each leg.

Plank with alternating leg liftI stay on my hands because the track is… uncomfortable… on the elbow. You can stay high or go down to the elbows for more challenge. Make sure you keep your back flat!

Core stability is the purpose of this move. While your legs are moving, your core is stabilizing, just like when you’re running.

Y-Squat ­– Stand with your arms extended up and out to form a Y. With feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, squat as low as possible. Squeeze your glutes to pull the body back to start. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

YMCA dance moveIt’s fun to squat at the Y-M-C-A!

Sit back lowSit back low for more work or go halfway back.

Warms the glutes, core, quads, hamstrings, calves, upper back and shoulder… Proof that the squat is awesome.

Here, in this post, is also proof that people do not look pretty when working out. Any person who says otherwise is lying. I look ADORABLE when I’m not working out.

What are your favorite warmup routines?

Any goofy workout photos? Send them my way and you can star on my blog! (About 60 people read this noise. I’m famous, yo.)

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