TRESemme Dry Shampoo: Review

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TRESemme Dry Shampoo: Review
Since the hair cut, I discovered an interesting occurrence when I pull up my hair into a ponytail, tiny bun or octopus clip.


What is this thing suddenly on my head?!

I have thin, fine hair, and, most of the time, that is not a problem. I can live with looking like I’m wearing a helmet all day when I’m NOT in public. However, I cannot stand the weird looking bald spot on the back of my noggin when I wear my hair up.

OK so I wear my hair down all the time. I can do that. Problem solved. Unfortunately, I am not one to wash my hair daily and my second-day hair with New Hair is not fabulous. It is actually quite flat, lifeless and oily.

Solution: Dry shampoo!

I see a commercial for TRESemme Dry Shampoo and think, “Heck yes! I can wear my hair down for second-day hair! Those women look great after using the dry shampoo in the commercial!”

Problem: I think I’m doing it wrong or the commercial is lying… I left home with my hair in a weird ponytail, bald spot and all, because this shampoo did not work.

Here is the process:

First, wake up with icky hair, and realize you do not have time for a shower and style.

Second, brilliantly use your new dry shampoo according to the directions on the back.

for straight hairYou shook well and applied 8-12 inches from your hair in even coverage. You waited 1-2 minutes.

In hair dry shampoo for straight oily hairThird, brush the product out of your hair. Your brush will have weird white powder in it.

brush it outFinally, style as usual. For me, this involves organizing New Hair so the cowlick is less noticeable and straightening out the curls that have formed near my forehead.

But what is this…?

grimy hair after useMy hair feels grimier than it did when I woke up! It’s crackly and oily at the same time.

Pull hair up anyway because it didn't workI pulled my hair up in to its tiny ponytail and went off to work. I will not continue to do this. I will find a way!

Do you use dry shampoo? What kind? How has it worked for you?

Side Note: If you notice the perfectly sculpted eyebrows… I finally plucked ’em! (Once a year, folks.)

Another Side Note: I know I said my blog was on hold, but I have been planning ahead! Yay! Less hold (at least on the weekends).