Fall shopping for fall walking

First thing’s first… HOLY CRAP EARTHQUAKE!

And, now, on to real business…

Have you ever seen ‘What Not to Wear?’

All those people who cannot seem to shop or dress themselves properly.

Well, I think I might be one of them.

You see… I am not good at shopping. In fact, I am not so awesome at dressing myself.

Take my latest fall trip…

mall shoppingI absolutely love this poncho.

I do not have the guts to wear a poncho.

And Husband would make fun of me.

Burgandy knitI do not know how to wear a cowl-neck sweater.

And this one had wings…

Black knitOK – I found wings I liked.

I’m a bat, yo’!

Gray knitAnd I love this, but it’s not the professional look for which I am hunting.

Totes still bought it.

Career pants. Let me tell you about career pants.

I hate shopping for slacks more than I hate shopping for jeans. If it fits in the front, there is a gaping chasm in the back. If the waist fits perfectly, the legs are miles too long.

Out of five department and discount stores, I found one pair.

Gray women's slacksAnd I bought them.

Maroon knitThis sweater dress… and its horrid cowl neck… was a ‘no.’

And it was itchy.

Striped gray and black cowl neck sweaterI did find a great striped sweater with a cowl neck slightly more manageable than the others I tried that day.

I may not be good at shopping, but the retail therapy was helpful to my nerves, especially since I got everything for such a good deal.

The pants? Originally $60. Purchased at  T J Maxx for $16.99. And it’s true! They’re from ‘The Limited,’ which is a store at the mall, and I did not buy there. Too pricy!

Three sweaters, one pair of slacks and earrings…

New fall clothes and I took Ivan for a walk.

College Hill park is beautiful in the fall.

Wichita, KansasWichita KansasWichita, KansasWichita Kansas

Are you a fan of fall? It’s my favorite season! Crunchy leaves, brisk winds and apples.

What is your favorite fall look? Help a girl out. I’m stuck in slouchy sweater land.