Kansas quakes

Well, I felt my first ever earthquake.

Considering I have already survived two tornadoes, this should be no amazing feat. However, I was a baby during one of those tornadoes, and a small child during the second.

I saw it, though. Oh, did I ever see that bugger.

The point is that earthquakes FREAK ME OUT. I mean… the house could fall down!

Tornadoes freak me out, too, but tornadoes lose a lot of ‘oomph’ tearing through trees and buildings and stuff. Earthquakes really don’t lose any ‘oomph’ runnin’ along the earth’s crust willy nilly.

Earthquakes are like the bloody Energizer bunny: They just keep going and going and…

I am mildly alarmed and terrified that Husband and I will be buried under a pile of old house. Fears aside, here is the story of how I survived an earthquake.

Ivan felt the quake first. Poor puppy! The newest change in his environment startled him so much that he jumped up and barked at nothing.

I felt it next. Sitting on the couch, bloggin’ away (not this blog), and suddenly, I’m moving. First, I thought it was the wind. I’ve seen old houses move because of Kansas wind – especially tornado wind. But the shaking was coming from the bottom of the house, not the top.

Shockingly, Husband did not feel it right away. He just stared at us like we were crazies.

When he finally did feel the quake (and I waited for him to validate my insanity), we both jumped up and ran to the doorway. Of course, our house is like 100 years old, and it would never stand up to a quake if it really got us.

We went outside, looked around, looked at our house, and nothing happened. We came back inside.

After watching KAKE News for four minutes, we figured out that the 5.2-magnitude quake happened in Oklahoma, near Sparks, at 10(ish) p.m. The quake was felt from Dallas to Kansas City.

So… that’s the story of how I survived an earthquake.

It’s terribly boring.

Luckily, I have all my Tweeps to keep me occupied while I do not sleep all night because I’m FREAKED OUT.

My Tweeps find the earthquake hilarious. Yeah, well, maybe they never survived a tornado.

Natural disasters, anyone?

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