The most hilarious exercise

Sometimes, I get all… yoga… on people. And I needed a good laugh ;)

When you start laughing, your chemistry changes, your philosophy and physiology changes, and your chances to experience happiness are much greater.

Laughter has two sources: body and mind. Adults laugh from the mind; children laugh with their body. Yoga laughter is about prepping your body for happiness and releasing your inner child.

Laughter increases circulation, stimulates the immune system, exercises the muscles and invigorates the brain. It reduces stress hormones and may prevent heart disease.

Laughter without humor also has healing effects. If you can’t laugh, force it. the body doesn’t know the difference between a real or a fake laugh.

Yoga Laughter

  1. Greeting laughter: laughing to others in greeting
  2. Lion laughter: thrust out the tongue, widen the eyes and stretch the hands like claws while laughing
  3. Humming laughter: laugh with the mouth closed and hum
  4. Silent laughter: open your mouth wide and laugh without making a sound
  5. Gradient laughter: start with a smile; begin chuckling and increase intensity until you’ve reached a full laugh; and then slowly bring the laugh down to a smile again
  6. Heart-to-heart laughter: hold hands with another person and laugh

While some of these techniques sound really ridiculous, what more do you need but something ridiculous to make you feel better? That’s what I thought.

Also, I am almost positive I found this information on Yoga Journal, but no promises. Please don’t sue me. I lost the website.