Prairie Fire Marathon: Mile 11

What a beautiful day for a marathon (or half marathon)!

Runners set out on the second annual Prairie Fire marathon at 7 a.m. (and 8 a.m. for the second heat), and the first runner arrived at the Diets in Review water station at Mile 11 at 8:30 a.m.

You go, runner.

lead runnerAbout 15 people worked Mile 11, and cheered and whooped and clapped (and, of course, handed out water and Gatorade) the runners along.

Lemon lime gatorade drinkGatorade spoon! :)

Prairie Fire Marathon Wichita KansasSo many water cups!

Prairie Fire Marathon WIchita KansasWe set up two tables of water and one table of Gatorade.

Mile 11 Water Station Diets in ReviewMile 11 Diets in Review volunteer water stationRunners seemed happy to see us.

Wichita Kansas RunnersFor future information: I am bomb at handing out water cups. I was on the Gatorade table, handing out cups of sticky Gatorade, and not once did I get splashed (at least by runners grabbing cups from me).

Runners grabbing water from Ashley (green jacket) splashed me, and my cups splashed the girl behind me. We all learned how to do the can-can to dodge!

skinnyshae Prairie Fire marathon Wichita KansasAshley and I had oodles of fun!

Our Party
She is awesome – joined a runner to finish the race at Mile 11. It’s about a 26-mile run.

Editor at Diets In Review!

Brandi’s hubband! (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong.)

Well, of course…

And those are the only Twitter handles I know… Whoops!

Next year, I won’t be the one with the camera ;)

Have you run a marathon?
How do you train?
Did you carb-load? Pasta!

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