Fitness Blogger (for reals)

My blog is shy one month off its first birthday, but good tidings can come before my anniversary.

On Friday, October 7, my blog and my blogging went in to the real world of fitness. Yesterday, I hinted at this (rather obviously).

Well, as real as a graduate student can get, you know? School and teaching always come first, but…

Well, I’m going to blog anyway!

What do I mean here? What is this “real world?

Well, the Shocker Fitness program I have attended since… right about here… needs a blogger, and it just so happens I do that.


While I have been blogging about Shocker Fitness steadily since beginning the program, no one cared. Well, you might have cared, I’m sure… uh, sorry.

The point is that NOW someone wants me to blog about Shocker Fitness! Other people in Shocker Fitness!

(for the second time)

So here we go! First professional blog post! Chances are it’ll be the same as the unprofessional ones…

Cue logo…

Community workout program with Coach Rainbolt

I lost 10 pounds between May and October. Go me!

How did I lose 10 pounds in five months? Well, read my last million or so blog posts…

Or I can recap. It’s whatev.

I started with a healthy diet, which means less junk food and a lot of home-cooked meals. Recipes anyone? I didn’t actually go on a diet; I just ate more healthfully! (And a lot of yogurt…)

I attempted to count calories, but found that I stressed about eating anything knowing my app would yell at me for going over my limit, or eating too much calcium.

Healthy diets are not enough to lose weight; I had to burn something. Last semester, Ashley and I worked out together occasionally, until school and work swallowed us whole. When she left for the summer, I thought I was DOOMED. I have no self-control.

But I made attempts to keep on track with Insanity, various workouts and a neat-oh! running program.

Keeping a close eye on my diet and keeping up with at least four workouts a week, I slowly lost six pounds. Looking at the scale and seeing myself back at the weight I was when I got married? Priceless.

(Yes. I weighed more than I should have when I got married, and that was more than a year ago. I celebrated.)

Problem: Even though I was doing well, I still felt all anxious and weird! I needed moral support. When Ashley came back for the fall semester, we found all the support we needed.

Shocker Fitness, a community exercise program created by WSU track coach Steve Rainbolt, became our support. Remember I wanted to bottle Ashley’s motivation and sell it? Times that by a group.

Luckily, I had already fallen head over heals for running because of the running program I was working on enjoying. Transitioning to intense track workouts and circuit training was a breeze!

OK – “breeze” isn’t the right word…

I went early every morning with Ashley, and we worked our butts off!

I threw myself in to the workouts. I pushed my body and ignored my mind. I learned how to get rid of my anxiety. I connected with the track and with the group.

We might not all be college students. We might not all be women. But we all connect on at least one level: fitness.

I lost four more pounds… in one month. (Previously, I lost six pounds in four months.) At 130, I am almost back to my pre-college weight. Ten more pounds…

So how do you lose 10 pounds in five months?

Healthy diet and exercise… and lots of self-esteem boosting community fitness! Shocker Fitness :)

You do not have to be a Shocker to join! You just have to want to be fit, and, really, who doesn’t want to be fit?

If you need encouragement to get out and try a track workout or join us for Shocker Fitness…

…read about my awesome calf muscles, or…

…how I’m a machine, or…

…how I conquered my workout anxiety.

You’ll see :)

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  1. Marnie

    Congrats on your official blogging gig, awesome! And congrats also on your weight loss, Shocker Fitness sounds very motivating and like a healthy way to lose weight. Keep up the great work on the track and in the wordsphere;).


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