You should know…

You know you were curious…

Randomness abounds! None of this is even marginally important.

Enjoy :)

Husband calls me “Anxiety Girl!” She can jump to the worst conclusion in less than a minute. It’s a healthy amount of paranoia, if you ask me.

And one day my paranoia will save my life, or the lives of others. I’m a future super hero!

I think the semicolon is the best piece of punctuation ever. Ever.

I am a strange, strange little person. I do and say weird things. I am unintentionally awkward in social settings, even when I’m not uncomfortable! (Usually good for a laugh.)

Husband lets me know that I am weird, in general, when I am being especially odd, and that he thinks it’s adorable :)

I bought my wedding dress on Craigslist for $100 because I’m cheap thrifty

…and proud of it!

I am the spitting image of my mother. We look exactly alike. Except for the perm, and the fact that she was RAIL thin in high school, we could have been twins when I was 18. And my mother looks like my grandmother, who looks like her mother, who looks… well, you get the idea.

I got me some strong genes.

My tongue is tied. I was born with a severe disability. The greatest insulting gesture for a seven-year-old is sticking out her tongue. I, however, cannot stick out my tongue more than a centimeter, if that.

I bite the carp outta my fingernails. For a blissful year(ish), I had fingernails, when Husband proposed. After the wedding, they were gone again. Sigh.

My eyes are green. People tell me: “No, your eyes are hazel.” They’re not. They’re green.

My hair color is original. I grew it all by myself :)

Once, I dyed it red, athen I was in a play so I had to dye it brown, and that was in high school so this is all original!

Speaking of plays…

My first college major used to be Theater Performance. Someone wanted to be famous! (Hint: Me.) I was completely prepared to perform at the Melodrama.

However, I did not live the dream long. It’s not that I’m terrible at acting, I just hated the lifestyle so I didn’t try hard. I quit after my first production at WSU.

Although, I did think about switching to costuming. BTW I do not know the person to whom I am affixing a lion head to. (A little weightier back then… FRESHMAN 15!)

When I was little, like 10 or 12, I wanted be an astronomer. Stars, black holes, physics, gravity, dark matter… All of it. It’s spiff! But then I found out in high school how horrible I am at math and science, and I would have to take 9+ years of school. Needless to say, I’m not an astronomer. Space is sill totally cool, though.

And through high school and my undergrad, I was a hostess, server and bartender. Yee-haw! EIGHT YEARS of this…

This is what struggling actors do, I’m sure… Apparently, it’s the same with…


Shocking! A communication grad is a writer?! I know, duh, but I used to be a real writer who got paid for writing (not much, but, hey, not complain’).

Now, all I do is blog (and school and work and more school)… Does that count? Well, it should.

What I want more than anything is to write professionally. I am not picky. I just want to get paid to write. Best. Job. Ever. :)

Also, I want to write a book, and I have a stellar idea that I’m not sharing. The interwebz will not be stealin’ my thunder!

In the (far off) future, I want to be a teacher, specifically a professor of rhetorical communication theory at WSU. Yeah, I want to stay here forever, and would if I could!

Hiring in 10 years? Maybe? Yes? :)

After WSU, if I do not go on to KU for my doctorate, I want to work as a writer, blogger, PR-reporter-social-media-whatever-person for a really great organization who won’t mind that I’m a little strange and awkward, or that I have a weird tongue, or that I refer to my husband as “Husband” in normal conversation.

Someone will hire me… I’m really useful!

What else? Nothing seems quite as interesting after that…

I am a wife-lady (one husband, two pets, one rental, scheduled laundry days, and the like)

I have a step-sister, a half-brother, and an innumerable amount of cousins. (Of, course, that’s ridiculous. I’m just too lazy to count them all.)

I have FOUR nephews. Please, oh please, let the next one be a girl! Why? Hair bows. That’s why.

These are my babies…

And I food and fitness and stuff!

Let me tell you… I am waaaaay more fun, and interesting, in-person. I hope only to translate some of that attitude to my blog.

Remember: On Sunday, Oct. 9, I will be refilling water cups with Brandi Koskie at the Diets In Review water station for those running  in the (recently) annual Prairie Fire Marathon!

And, yes, I will be blogging about it. Live Tweets of the race? Sure! :) Follow @skinnyshae! And probably @runpfm (#PrairieFire) for Prairie Fire!

Tell me something random about you! Do it.

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