Conquer defeat, build motivation

I woke up (not so motivated) at 6:15 a.m. and hurried (read: trudged) to the track for my Shocker Fitness workout.

Sometimes, especially when I am sleepy, I’ll tell myself that I won’t push myself, that I won’t work too hard, because, honestly, I do NOT want to be at the track at 6:45 a.m.

Too early. Read here.

I am mentally defeating myself before the workout has even begun.

During a quick warm-up lap around the track, I tell myself that I can go slow, plod along instead of pushing myself. It is the warmup, after all.

However, after moving through the rest of the warmup, I stop listening to the little voice in my head and just let my feet hit the track. I feel like I can push myself harder.

Today, I did.

We ran 150’s, which, to say the least, are not my favorite workout. I like short sprints and relays much more than 150’s up and down the track. (Running for endurance is not my favorite exercise, either; I much prefer running for speed, and then promptly pooping out.)

However, after the running part of the workout, even though I was tired, I pushed myself during the strength-training part of the workout. I did real pushups today! No knees, please. :)

After the strength circuit, we moved to stadiums, and I pushed harder again.

I love stadiums, I really do, but I am not a fan of just climbing to the top and walking back down the stairs.

One: I am pooped out 2/3 of the way up, and two: I do not want to go up again once I get back to the bottom.

Instead, I ran up 30 seats, about halfway, and walked down slowly, and then repeated that five times. Much more enjoyable. More sprinting!

(Secret Goal: I want to run up the entire stadium in one setting, no breaks, just sprinting and climbing. I know, once I get to the top, I will fall down dead, but I still totally want to do it. Look at me and my fitness goals! Doing sooooo well.)

Sorry, my point…

Every morning I wake up as a defeatist, mentally destroying my motivation and my ability to do well before I even set foot on the track.

But the track and the group do something to change that.

When I am on the track, I do not think (mental break!), I just go.

Ashley told me to do this during a workout when I was feeling especially nasty toward the thought of exercise. I tried it, and have been using the method successfully ever since.

Also, exercising in a group, Shocker Fitness members, and with coaches, Em and Nate, increases my motivation and my ability to do well even when I am silently defeating myself inside.

Have you ever suffered from the same motivation defeat? Do you mentally destroy yourself before a workout?

It’s OK. I understand.

I used to destroy myself before every workout. I was anxious about every workout. I was anxious about the whole process of getting fit and healthy. I had no confidence in myself… mentally. Read here.

It took me a long time to realize that I just needed to have confidence in my body. If I tell my body to do something, it won’t argue, it’ll just do it! The mind talks back, but the body is obedient.

(I think that also has something to do with willpower.)

I am not anxious about fitness anymore. I am not worried about failing. I have confidence in my body, even if I have to tell my brain to shut up in the morning.

The workout is not painful, mentally, any more. My workout is something I make. I make my workout.

And that is the best advice I could give anyone working toward a healthier lifestyle. Do what you made, and you’ll succeed, even when you feeling like you’re failing.

…again, straying from the point.

After the work out this morning I was STARVING. Sooooo hungry.

I ate a giant bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios, pretty sure it was at least 1 1/2 cups, and one whole, huge banana.

Breakfast!zomg. It was so good.

After breakfast, I read a bit o’ Burke, and then took a power nap before getting ready for my day. I love morning naps.

Husband and the cat were playing video games when I woke up.

Hobbes the CatWe have such a cuddly kitty cat!

How do you conquer defeat?

Morning fuel? Cheerios are the shiz. :)

6 thoughts on “Conquer defeat, build motivation

  1. dana @ my little celebration

    Great post! And great job on overcoming that feeling of defeat.

    I face mental defeat off and on. It’s worse on days that I’m feeling a little pudgy or entirely unmotivated. But once I get started I get in the mood pretty easily. When I take the pressure off of pushing myself as hard as I can EVERY TIME, it becomes more about JUST MOVING instead of reaching my max potential every day.

    I agree, working out with a partner or in a group makes it much easier to get and stay moving. Because you feel like a real pansy if you give up and nobody else does. Makes you push yourself a little harder.

    Favorite morning fuel? Eggs and toast, PB banana and honey toast, or a giant bowl o CEREAL with banana and almonds.

    Have a good day, friend!!


    • skinnyshae

      Thank you, dear! I am working hard not to be a total spaz with fitness!

      Side Note: Totally saw a person on campus who looked JUST like your husband and I had mental freak out thinking you were here.

      Miss you!


  2. trimandtrendy30s

    I used to mentally defeat myself for the last 10 years. I finally broke out of that recently and have finally made the lifestyle change necessary to make it part of my everyday life! :)


    • skinnyshae

      Good job! We do not need to defeat ourselves any more! The best way to go about something, anyway, is with a positive attitude… the most positive attitude one can muster, at least. :)


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