Too. Much. Dairy.

I’m lactose intolerant, did you know?

Well, of course, since I was young, my body has matured to a point where I do not get sick at the very tasty of dairy. However, if I have too much, I can start to feel really icky, really big time.

Stomach pains are the worst. :(

Large quantities get me, and I need to watch how much I eat, but have I ever been known to know my limits?

…the answer is no.

Problem: I LOVE yogurt.

Snack timeAnd Yoplait’s parfaits?


Don’t get me started.

Cherry is amazing.

Never have I faced a more serious dilemma! Of course, this is exaggeration, but I need you to know how serious this is.

It’s really super serious. Do you want to see how much yogurt is in my fridge?

StockedThat’s not even all of it! Some of it is on the bottom shelf, pushed to the back behind milk and fruit cups because there just isn’t more room on the yogurt shelf.

It’s not a joke.

I want to eat delicious yogurt and fruit and granola parfaits and eat cereal and cheesy pasta, but, alas! I cannot. (All of which have been crammed in my face this week.)

I must limit myself… (gag).

Today, I exceeded by maximum amount of dairy (and therefore calcium – go me!) by consuming TWO yogurts, a cherry Yoplait Parfait, cheesy pasta primavera and eating a gigantic bowl of cereal.

Tummy = not happy.

If I had more energy, I would draw a frowny face on it and take a picture for this blog post, but I’m pretty tired, and I’ve already gotten up to go to the fridge once.

Just imagine my unhappy, frowny face tummy.

It’s really sad, right?

Sure, I could switch to almond, soy or rice milk, but almond, soy and rice milk cost twice as much as cow milk, and… well, I’m a grad student. I’m be-roke.

Forget expensive milk, anyway… No one makes almond yogurt. And soy in any other form than sauce grosses me out.


I’m going to chock this one up as a complaint-blog, and call it good!

I could never be vegan…

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