Guess what I FINALLY did today!

I got my hair cut off!

What once hung down to the middle of my back, getting trapped in my armpit and under my purse straps, now rests lightly just above my shoulders.

Let’s reminisce…

skinnyshaeSo long, sooooo long hair!

skinnyshaeWe won’t be seeing this messy bun nonsense for a while…

skinnyshaeRight before the slaughter.

And, drum roll please…

skinnyshae hair cutTa-da!

(Please excuse the terrible lighting, and the makeup free face.)

I finally got my hair cut after yammering on about here, here and here. Less Heidi Klum than Heidi Klum is, but I love it! (And I won’t go blonde.)

When the stylist measured it out for the first time (while all my hair was still attached), she asked me: “Right about here?” in reference to the top of my spine.

Inside, I had a mini freakout because I was nervous, and almost told her, “No. Just a bit longer, please!” But I said: “Yep, that feels about right.”

Feels, not looks, because I had to take my glasses off, and I can’t see a thing without them.

Less than 20 minutes later, because this is not a complicated cut, I walked out with my new hair!

(Only takes about 7 minutes to blow dry… thank goodness. I hate blow dryers.)

What do you think? Yea? Nay? It’ll always grow back if I hate it later! It’s like a weed!

2 thoughts on “NEW HAIR!

  1. talijayoung

    Loooooove it! I also used to have very long hair (down to my bottom) and is now about the same lenght as yours. I did it more gradually, though, didn’t quite have your courrage! I think you look lovely and you won’t regret it!


    • skinnyshae

      Thaaaaaaank you! Long hair was bringing me down!

      And I really wasn’t that brave! I’ve chopped six inches off at a time before… I was just nervous this time. I become attached to things so easily… things like hair. :)


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