Rather be bloggin’

I tried…

I really did try.

I missed yoga AGAIN this morning because I slept in :(

I should seriously just cancel my membership…

I didn’t just sleep in, too, I slept in until 10:20 a.m. OMG! That is the latest I’ve slept in the morning in a while.

(I say “in the morning” because I often take naps in the evening. It counts.)

I take no blame, however; I place all blame on studying. (Ever heard? Studying = student + dying… ha ha!)

For the past few weeks, my head has been buried in Burke’s Rhetoric of Motives. Burke is not straightforward. Burke speaks in a long flowing sentence. Burke… uses too many semicolons.

If, in fact, you were to take out the punctuation in the text, the meaning would never change. He writes in one, long, continuous process of thought.

Ocassionally he “sums up,” but it often makes little sense…

In addition to Burke, I have been planning and promoting my Health Communication class’ Food Packaging Event and working on case studies for my communication law class.

So… my brain is bleeding… excessively… through my ears.

Last night I was so fed up with studying that I got some of my list done: ceiling fans and light fixtures (kinda) and vacuuming. Husband cleaned the living room and vacuumed the expanse that is our ground floor.

Still. Dog. Hair. Everywhere. He must be growing in a winter coat or something and shedding his old coat. If he wasn’t so cute, I swear I’d shave him…

Since 11 a.m. today I have been studying and researching nonstop… until now. I had to take a break. Of course, I’ll be upset with myself if I do not get more of Burke read before I go to bed tonight.

Currently, I function on caffeine and M&M’s.

Did school kill you? Are you simply a ghost shell of a person who was once awesome and fun? Uh, yeah…