Yogurt Obsession

Quick announcement…

I think I might be addicted to yogurt.

It’s getting bad.

I’ve had like three today: Chocolate, Strawberry and (I am about to break in to a) Vanilla.

Luckily, the Yoplait Whips! are only 140 calories each, or I would be so fat.

Next thing…

How do you put flavor in mostly flavorless soup?

Hot sauce :)

Final thing…

Yesterday, I posted that I would probably be on campus ALL DAY long, but I got real sick of sitting real quick.

After the staff meeting, I came home, showered! and ate more yogurt.

…zomg I freakin’ love this stuff…

Yogi? Um. Daily. Tri-daily…

5 thoughts on “Yogurt Obsession

  1. tuesday2

    I’m a yogurt fan too!

    I like Greek yogurt in a blender with soy milk, unsweetened chocolate (the powder kind you bake with), a banana, and lots of ice.

    …However, the whip kind sounds so much better! I’m putting it on my grocery list.


    • skinnyshae

      I have never enjoyed Greek yogurt. I know I’m a freak… I just can’t seem to… like it… not even the honey kind! However, that little blend sound delicious. I might just use plain yogurt instead of Greek.


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