I need a new style

I am sick of my long hair.

Sick of it!

It’s long, thin and frizzy. I’m tired of wearing it in a sloppy bun every day, and I haven’t the slightest idea what I should do with it. Ever.

So I am looking for a change, which was slightly inspired by Katie @ Yes, I want cake. and by Dana @ My Little Celebration.

I love Katie’s short-medium look. When I get my hair cut, it’s very similar. However, I think I’m going to need a few layers to add thickness.

long hair style hair cut with bangsDana inspires me to attempt bangs again. Beautiful!

I need to find a new look that is easy to style, shorter, with more layers. Because this…

Messy Bun Style…is not working.

How do you find a new style? I cannot ask my stylist to just make me look good. What if I hate it? I have to have a plan… I have to Google celebrities.

Jennifer AnistonJen has a snazzy look, but I feel like I want to go shorter. And I believe that only Jennifer Anniston can pull off her own look. She’s unnaturally gorgeous.

Mandy Moore Medium Long Hair StyleI got this cut once. Husband was not a fan. For some reason, the bangs and the length gave me a mullet, according to him. I thought I looked fine. Mandy is out.

Short Hair Bob(OK – not a celebrity.) Well, I absolutely love this look, but what would it look like on me? I wouldn’t be able to hide it until it grew out if it looks terrible.

Also, I’m sure my friend Jo did this for her hair once and left the salon looking like a 12-year-old boy from the 17th century. Too short?

Heidi Klum Hair StyleWhat about Heidi? What do you think? I Googled “shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair,” and this popped up.

Really, I wanted something more unusual, but I also don’t want to be too unusual. Sigh.

The problem with shorter hair on my head is that I will have to pull out the blow dryer for any proper styling.

With my longer hair, I can scrunch pretty easily, and I’ll have awesome beach waves for about an hour before everything falls flat or frizzes out.

I hate blow drying, but I suppose since it’s gotten much cooler, I will be able to use the blow dryer without dying of heat in the bathroom.

Say goodbye, friends! My long hair is about to go!

What’s your style?

Any ideas for thin hair?

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