Out of Order: I can’t workout!

I had hoped my leg would feel better for Shocker Fitness this morning. Great weather, great workout…

Shocker Fitness Cessna StadiumNope.

We – and by we, I mean NOT me – did something called “4 Corners.”

At Cessna Stadium, there are two stadiums with two staircase entrances to the stadium seats, which we enjoy climbing, for a total of four up-and-down rounds on the stadium stairs or seats.

Shocker Fitness RainboltWell, climbing stairs doesn’t feel good for my glute. I did one round, walking the entire time, on the stairs (not seats), and only climbed half of the four stadiums I did.

During the strength circuit, I did what abs and arms I could. It didn’t feel like much. I didn’t even break a sweat.

Shocker Fitness Em(I also took pictures because walking doesn’t take up enough of my energy. Enjoy!)

I am quite upset at this injury, which is not a feeling I am used to…

Remember how much I hate working out? Well, I am unable to participate in any strenuous lower body exercise, and I really miss it.

I know, right?!

When did I start enjoying exercise? I don’t even know. (Still too early in the morning…)

Now, I am super upset because I actually want to workout, but am unable; and I only have 12 pounds left to lose!


that’s it

And I am out of order. Ugh.

OK – enough complaining!

I hope you are having better luck than I with the workouts. :)

6 thoughts on “Out of Order: I can’t workout!

  1. tuesday2

    Good for you with only 12 more pounds!

    Injury is one of my greatest fears b/c working out takes away sooo much stress for me. If I can’t sweat out my anxiety I am miserable to be around. Really cranky!

    I give you credit for doing a great job managing as well as you are.

    Hang in there! :D


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