Busy Bee + Shocker Fitness and Smoothies

School and work make Shae a bad, bad blogger.

Plus, since school is work for me, I am made worse two-fold.

I’m sorry :(

I do have plenty to blog about, though, because, even though I am tired all the time (which we’ll get to), I complete my workouts and eat well.

…for the most part.

OK… So about being exhausted…

I wake up early every morning. I do not nap. I do not rest. I do not take breaks. I crash every night. I am exhausted.

Unfortunately, when I sleep, I have these weirdly realistic vivid dreams that do not let me rest, and I awake still exhausted.

I think my brain is making up for the fact that I watch little to no television because of school.

Bleh. I’m sleepy…

Shocker Fitness
Because Shocker Fitness does not follow my running program, I am no longer doing the running program.

No worries! Shocker Fitness incorporates all sorts of running!

For instance, last week I walked/jogged/ran three times and more than enough of those times required hills.

I want all of you to know that my calves look awesome. Seriously awesome.

My calves are always a matter of grump for me. When I was younger, I played softball and soccer and ran cross country and had a good ‘ole time sucking at a lot of sports while staying in shape.

My calves were huge. All the time. I used to hate it, but when they got soft, I hated it even more. Well, folks, I have my horse-calves back, and my quads are on the way.


Oh, yeah, it’s Labor Day!

Labor Day = No School, No Work, but I still had to go to Shocker Fitness at 7 a.m. Unfortunately, I did something to my leg, and every step sent electric tingles up and down the back of my leg.

Maybe my hamstring, but more likely pressure on a nerve. If it didn’t also shoot through my calf down and around my ankle, I would suspect the hamstring. Coach Em told me to rest and ice.

I’ll try the workout on Wednesday to see if my leg is better. If not, I am going to be SUPER pissed. I do not have time for an injury.

Don’t even ask me about food…

However, I will share with you a smoothie I made!

Raspberry-Chocolate Whips! Smoothie

  • 12 ounces skim milk
  • 1 Chocolate Mousse Yoplait Whips! container
  • 5 raspberries
  • 1 scoop vanilla cream protein powder

Blend until smooth(ish). If you get chunks of raspberry bits, I suppose that normal. If you wait long enough, they seeds settle at the bottom and you can avoid them all-together.

yogurt chocolate mousse smoothie protein powderPretty tasty kids.

On Friday, I went grocery shopping, saved a little extra money so I spent a little extra money on dark chocolate. Dove Dark Chocolate to be exact. And Dove always has such great advice…

All you really need is love, and a little chocolate doesn’t hurt!
(Well, that was about to be cheesy…)

Take good care of yourself.
(I’ve had far too many chocolates to be good for me.)

Dazzle your sense of flavor.
(Going to need much richer chocolate for that…)

Do all things with love.

I enjoyed the last time I had Dove Dark Chocolate more than this time…

Fantastic Note: I have lost eight pounds since the beginning of June. I have 12 to go before I reach my goal weight at 120.

At this point, I’m losing so slowly, I’d settle for 125.

But good girls don’t settle.

Ciao, friends!

How are you weight loss goals coming along?

Care to share a few smoothie recipes? Husband invented one with peanut butter and honey.

zomg. it was awesome.

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