Conditioning Circuit

What I did on Wednesday…

  • warmup circuit
  • 10 40-meter sprints
  • conditioning circuit

And then, death!

According to my running program, I am supposed to do hills today, but I do not think Shocker Fitness is going to follow along with my running program. The program is its own program with its own program of programs.

Mine is probably better, but I’ll do this because Coach Em and Ashley are really skinny and look awesome. <—– This is what I want.

What is a conditioning circuit? Circuit training is a form of conditioning that combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Is that what I did today? Cha.

  • 30 arm dips // 60 step-ups // 50 crunches
  • high skips // backwards run // bounds
  • shotput running (?)
  • lateral zig-zag running (?)
  • hills (lateral right up, lateral left up, backwards up, sprint up)


I did the first one (almost) completely. We were supposed to do hills twice, but I skipped the second set.

In the second round, I skipped the first set, and went straight to skips, and then went through a complete circuit to do the arm dips, step-ups and crunches last.

I do not consider that cheating, but I’m sure I should have done it in order to get the full effect. Whatevs.

12 thoughts on “Conditioning Circuit

  1. Kelsey

    yea it never counts as cheating in the second round i think..i mean you did the first one like it was listed…so its fun to switch it up a bit for the second go :)

    xoxo <3


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