Shocker Fitness + Too much breakfast

At 6:30 a.m., I signed up for Shocker Fitness.

For the next seven weeks, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will be at the track… early.

Ugh. Very early.

I wish I had taken a picture of my face this morning so you could see exactly how NOT excited I am about the prospect of early A.M. workouts.

Alas, I failed to snap a piccy of myself, but imagine that I looked like a grumpy old man with just half a cup of coffee in him.

Imagine. See it. Right! That’s it… that was my face. Not excited.

For the first Shocker Fitness workout, Coach Em (who I went to church with when I was younger – do not remember her from church…) walked us through a warmup, some accelerations and stretches.

After our warmup, which was exhausting, we ran/walked 150s for 12 minutes. TWELVE MINUTES.


It was bad.

Of the 150s, I ran about five laps, so probably 10-150s. But I wasn’t counting after lap two; I was dying.

After the 150s, we did some strengthening exercises, which I did not do well because of being exhausted from the running.

Then, we did stadiums. Ashley and I climbed one set of stadium seats, walked down the stairs, and then sprinted a half stadium.

And then died. (But not before after-workout stretching.)

When I got home, I showered – obviously –  and shoveled two scrambled eggs, two pieces of toast, three pieces of turkey lunch meat and a quarter cup of hot peppers into my face for breakfast.

I was so hungry.

Now I am quite satisfied and would very much like a nap. :)

First, according to the neat-oh! calculation I found on, I burned a total of 140 calories during the 12 minutes of running/walking 150s.

How depressing.

According to a neat-oh! calories-burned calculator, I burned about 400 calories in the 50 minutes I spent at the track.

Bloody depressing.

How many calories did I have for breakfast? Almost 700.

Probably not completely true… but I did eat A LOT of food when I got home.

Now, nap time!


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