Barefoot Sprinting + My delights!

Monday Sprints Day! And boy did I ever sprint…

Instead of following the routine for Quickies in my running program, I did something a little different.

And it’s all Ashley’s fault. :)

When I arrived at the track at 7 a.m., she had already ran two laps. Stinker. We went two together and stretched to warm up before beginning what I’m sure was the craziest sprint workout I’ve ever done.

First, we sprinted down the field and walked back three times at a 60, 70 and 80 percent sprint. I died. After only three sprints, I was tired.

That’s not crazy you say? It gets better… er… crazier.

After our “warmup” sprints, Ashley and I took off our shoes and socks and ran barefoot in the dewy grass, which happened to be up to our ankles in places.

I was a little cautious…

No chiggers in Idaho… Plenty of chiggers in Kansas. I’ll be putting nail polish on my feet, not my toes, my nasty little hobbit feet as Husband calls them. :)

skinnyshae's feetWe ran in somewhat of a circle to make the most of the space we had without getting on the track. (There was some guy running barefoot on the track, but I’m sure it would tear up my feet. Grass is good.)

First, we sprinted at 80 percent for 30 seconds, and then we did leap frogs or up/downs for 30 seconds. Finally, we would walk for 30 seconds.

We did that three times for one interval.

zomg it was hard

However, after that craziness, we got three minutes to recover! Three. Whole. Minutes. I know, right?

After our recovery, we did the same interval again (I pooped out), and then put our shoes back on to jog a couple cool down laps.

While the workout was not difficult to do – don’t get me wrong, it was friggin’ hard – the workout was crazy because I wasn’t wearing shoes. Weird, right?

I don’t wear shoes for yoga, but we don’t do a whole lot of running. Shelley @ tuesday2 once recommended that I try barefoot running… Correct me if I’m wrong!

I think I like it, and here’s why…

During the two simple warmup laps in shoes on the track, my knees grumped at me. The grumpiness was less awful when we moved to the squishy grass.

I felt absolutely no grump when I ran without shoes. Perhaps my knees has just loosened up enough to feel good or perhaps running barefoot has a few more benefits than I thought.

I will look more into this.

And, now, stuff that doesn’t make a whole blog post but is still pretty neat-oh!

After a lovely sound sleep Saturday night, I woke up to…

skinnyshae handyman factotum husbandHusband put my shelf up. :)

During a middle of the pay period grocery trip, I discovered…

Sweet Leaf Organic Peach TeaA visit to Papa’s garden yielded…

Homegrown in Home Garden skinnyshae grandfatherI could still smell the heat on them. Tomato soup? Tomato soup. :)

(Seriously I would bottle this smell and wear it as perfume.)

Tell me… do you toe-shoe? Husband runs around in Skele-Toes, and now I want some.

What do you delight in? New shelves, new teas and garden grown tomatoes.

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