I love, tolerate and hate about life…

I have lived in wedded bliss for one year, eight month and 12 days. (Yes. I counted.)

From the experiences my husband and I have shared together, I have learned to love, tolerate and downright despise certain aspects of being a grownup.

First, things that I love.

The nights Husband and I get to go to bed together. He usually only lies down with me for a bit before he gets up because he works nights so he’s awake at night. But, for a few minutes or a couple hours, it is the greatest feeling. Plus I sleep so well.

Mornings I wake up to Husband coming home from work. I’m ridiculously delirious in the morning, and I barely function without coffee, so Husband has a good time watching me zombie-walk around the house. Apparently, I’m “cute.” :)

Cooking. I do love cooking. Nailing a recipe or failing an experiment. Find more of my better experiments and some of my failures here.

Husband’s cooking. I L.O.V.E. love when my husband makes dinner. Husband can make some of the most amazing dishes: roast whole duck, fried chicken, pork tenderloin, twice-baked potatoes, and he is the official taco-maker at our house because he’s patient, and I am NOT.

Alton Brown Pork Tenderloin Chile Lime CilantroHusband’s Chile Lime Grilled Pork Tenderloin waiting for me when I get home from laundry. He is such a great guy.

Taking Ivan the German Shepherd for evening walks (more like night walks) through our neighborhood with Husband. So peaceful, and I’m the only reason it isn’t quiet. ;)

Spending quiet evenings together, which doesn’t last because I like to talk, but when I’m quiet and studying or blogging and when he’s reading, I just feel so peaceful.

While I love SO many more things, I cannot yammer on about my blessings for an entire blog post. Blessing are not nearly as funny as the things I tolerate.

Cleaning. Cleaning I tolerate. While I am not the biggest fan of dusting, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get the entire house mostly clean.

I might hate scrubbing white cabinets.

Want a few cleaning tricks? Check them out here, and then read these beauties:

  • Swiffer Sweeper Cloths work better than Swiffer Sweeper Dusters at dusting
  • sweep crumbs from the toaster into the dishwasher for an easy clean counter (I’m lazy, and it is the same as stuck on food and grease.)
  • the stairs do NOT need to be vacuumed
  • Scrubbing Bubbles is the shit
  • Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener are for rich people
  • vacuum the couch to remove dog hair (I’ll get pictures for you.)
  • make your significant other clean the litter box

Litter Box CleanerGrocery shopping is only mildly tolerable. Sometimes I have fun (read here), and other times I am just on a mission (read here).

Recipe hunting. No I do not get a twisted feeling of euphoria when hunting for recipes and meal plans for the week. Recipe hunting is tolerable because I have to buy groceries for all that cooking I love to do.

Working. I know that you know that everyone hates going to work. Why? Because there are probably a thousand things we would all rather be doing than working. Even if you love your job, no one wants to go to work. However, I do not hate work. Work is tolerable because most of the time I mostly enjoy what I do.

Finally, thing that I hate.

Laundry. As you know, I’m sure from here, Husband and I do not own a washer/dryer set. Every Sunday (or another day depending on my schedule), I travel to my mother’s house north of Wichita to do laundry. It’s nice because I get to see my mom, brother and grandparents while I’m in town, but it sucks because I have to load, unload, wash, dry, fold (four times), reload, reunload and put away.

What do I hate most about laundry? Socks. I hate socks.

Vacuuming. Like cellulite and stretch marks, vacuuming is the bane of my existence. Everything about vacuuming is terrible. Nothing is enjoyable. I hate it. It is quite unfortunate that my darling puppy sheds… excessively.

Paying bills. Bills are not fun. Amenities, however, are the bomb-diggity. I still hate bills.

Driving. No joke. When I was a teenager begging my mom to drive, I could not have been more stupid. Driving is just crap.

Oh, how many more things do I hate: animal fur, gas prices, grocery prices, early mornings, late nights, cram sessions and studying for the GRE.

I could go on.

Fortunately, the things that I love about being a grownup really outweigh the things that I tolerate and hate.

I have an amazing husband and an amazing family (in-laws, too) so all of the parts of life that are difficult or annoying or only mildly tolerable are made… easy, simple, nothing to worry over.

What do you love, tolerate and hate about growing up?

What makes it all the more tolerable? My husband.