Power Yoga + A good excuse to go to the zoo

Since I’ve been running, I can’t do Pigeon to save my life.

I used to be amazing at Pigeon! I used to be able to do all of the variations with my hips even on the floor. It’s practically a split with one leg bent.

Ugh. My hips are tight.

I want Pigeon.

(On a lighter note: Husband actually want a pigeon, as in a sky rat. He and his friend are going to train them to send messages. I dunno. Birds smell.)

So… Power Yoga was fun this morning even without Pigeon… I suppose. I burned 790 calories as a 133 pound female in 90 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga.

I love Saturdays. :)

BUT what did I do Friday? Well, I happened to spend the afternoon with my sister-in-law, her sweet baby boy and his little red wagon.

Oh! And tigers.

Sedgwick County Zoo Wichita Kansas Tiger ExhibitSedgwick County Zoo Wichita Kansas Tiger ExhibitSedgwick County Zoo Wichita Kansas Tiger ExhibitBig kitty! I love tigers.

Since sister-in-law and I arrived to the Sedgwick County Zoo… yeah, the awesome one… we only had about an hour to spend in what was decent weather with some cool animals.

We spent most of our time in the tiger exhibit because the tigers would come up to the glass and the baby LOVED it.

He waved at them!

What else did we see?

Sedgwick County Zoo Feed the GiraffesSedgwick County Zoo ElephantSedgwick County Zoo Meerkat ManorSedgwick County Zoo Macaws!Animals are rad.

No time to see the bears and the lions were put away for the day :(

What ELSE did I do on Friday?

I indulged, but I indulged safely! I was almost a good girl.

(Note: I even tried not to indulge and posted on Twitter as to how I wanted to stay away from pizza, but all my friends really steered me in the wrong (right) direction…)

Husband and I went out with a friend to Old Chicago, which was awesome because I wanted pizza.

Like… I WANTED pizza. I needed it. I looked at the salads, and they were crap, so I got pizza (the good pizza).

At Old Chicago, pizza varieties range from meaty to meaty to cheesy to cheesy, but there is at least one that is not quite as bad: The “Veggie” Chicago Seven.

Veggie Pizza and BeerI requested my veggie pizza with no mushrooms, half sauce and half cheese on Artisan (thin) crust. It was HALF the calories of the original, which is still pretty big, but not over my limit. Just south of 500 is what I consumed.

I also had a Dark Side of the Moon, Eclipse or whatever you want to call it: Blue Moon and Guinness. If you didn’t know… Guinness is loaded with antioxidants.

And then, as is tradition, we all went to Baskin Robbins. Crap. However, I ordered Bananas Over Chocolate, which is an ice cream with no sugar added.

I also got a child-size scoop. ONE scoop. Go me!

I did not go over my calorie budget yesterday, but I sure tried. I will definitely start fixing my eating habits ASAP.

Weekend plans? Still need to build that shelf and dinner with my in-laws.

Have you been to the Zoo? Seen the penguins? The tiger exhibit? No? Fix that.


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