Life Update + Coveting at Lowe’s

My Google reader was LOADED with life updates from several blogs I follow (and love!).

I figured… why not?

While my life is interminably boring, I hope that at least one of you will find interest in it.

Workin’ on my fitness!
I haven’t been running for very long, I know, but I feel good about the idea of continuing to run and finding time for it every day.

For example, today, I woke up at 6:15 a.m., which I haven’t seen all summer, to run on the track with my bestie workout buddy, Ashley R./T. SHE’S BACK!

The fall semester of grad school torture and teaching woes will begin NEXT WEEK.


We have to be extra vigilant in our desire to get out and get moving. Both of us need to teach Tuesday/Thursday classes in order to take part in the Monday/Wednesday fitness classes we love so much.

It’ll kill me dead to know I won’t be able to do it. It’ll destroy my motivation… Here’s hoping!

So far so good on the running front! My knees still give me problems and my right shoulder hurts incessantly, but I keep trudging along.

And thanks goes to these gals!

I read blogs by runners (RunStreet, EatsCleanGreens, blueeyedrunner and AFoodieStaysFit) that inspire me to keep trudging along, even if I am only trudging.

These girls will make you want to hit the pavement, and I think they help me love it. :)

I know “diet” is one of those four letter words…

And it’s probably the only one of those four letter words I hate to hear. :)

I am BAD. B. A. D. Bad! at dieting. I’m just no good.

I eat healthfully MOST of the time and indulge in a cookie craving every so often, but really… I don’t stuff my face with fast food or raid the vending machine at work daily.

Generally, I’m a good kid when it comes to picking out the right meals and snacks…

So what’s the problem?

I eat too much of those healthy meals and snacks and extra servings and BLAH! I LOVE food so it’s hard for me to find a balance.

I count calories on MyNetDiary for the iPhone, which is great because I have it with me always… but sometimes… that little app can be a real jerk!

MyNetDiary: Hey, skinnyshae! We’ve gotta problem.

Shae: Oh, what’s that?


I image that MyNetDiary yells at me like a spastic drill sergeant.

Guh. I have got to change my eating habits, but small portions are depressing, and I like lots of flavors at once so I need to eat something with all those flavors because I certainly can’t cook them!

FAIL Chef (I have my moments…)
The food front has been not only depressingly flavorless but also downright disgusting. For example, last night…

I wanted to make Cajun Rice Soup, which I’ve made before and enjoyed immensely.

I even felt fancy because I had all four burners going at once to cook my separate ingredients in the best way!

Cajun Rice Chicken Soup skinnyshae recipesFrom the top left corner: pinto beans, which I soaked; chicken breast cut into bits; brown rice boiling in the very back; and finally the soup with the spices and veggies in the big pot.

Yeah. I was gettin’ it done the prof chef way!

Where did that once delicious concoction end up? Garbage disposal.

The rice wouldn’t soften. The beans REFUSED to taste good. The spices in the soup were the only saving grace, but the veggies were undercooked SOMEHOW.


Yeah. It’s been an ordeal.

Tonight? Pizza. I’m not cookin’!

Life in General
Husband and I are preparing for the awesomeness that is when I go back to school… again.

I’ll never be free from the halls and walls of academe, which is good as long as I get a job in academe in the future. (#lifegoals)

Excited for: New books, new students, new research papers, new projects

NOT excited for: Cost of new books, irritating new students, pointless research papers and silly group projects

It’s a win-lose-win-lose situation. I LOVE school and learning and teaching, but, just like a real job, I can really hate it big time! (Eddie Izzard)

School starts August 22. I think a Ladies’ Wine Night needs to happen before that days. Girls?

I know I don’t talk about my relationship much, but I will say this: I love my husband. He’s such a great guy.

Plans for the Weekend
I’m going to build a shelf!

Husband and Father-in-Law leveled our stove, which leans funny and does not cook anything across the entire length of the pan. Yeah.

But now I can’t put the Pam and Olive Oil and salt and pepper on the stove ledge because it’s not flush to the wall.

I need a shelf… Ta-da!

No… it’s not up yet but that’s because I need to use power tools and someone should supervise me using said power tools.

Just imagine this… with a shelf.

I had to go to Lowe’s. I shouldn’t be allowed at Lowe’s.

Thou shalt not COVET! (Unless you’re at Lowe’s!)

Peace y’all.

Yes. I TOTALLY say that.

…no, no I don’t.

How’s your life? Pretty fab. Can’t complain, but somehow I find a way.

House project under way? Do you DIY? Not without supervision. :)


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  1. tuesday2

    I am a fan of Lowes. Funy how my tastes have changed. (age).

    I would rather wander the isles at a hardware store than window shop at the mall. The signs first started to appear when I traded my gift list of rings, shoes, and clothes for a fancy food chopper/blender, an updated vacuum, and a new Maytag. (signs of maturity) ?

    P.S. Invite me to your wine night! I head back to kindergarten soon! :D


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