Dark chocolate and red wine

I clean my house with a glass of wine.

skinnyshae drinks red wine, never whiteRed wine provides perfect motivation for house cleaning. Otherwise, I might never get anything done.

(Note: This blog post is more than 12 hours late. I cleaned house last night.)

Yesterday, as stated yesterday, I had a million things to do.

Grocery shopping and cleaning were two of those things. I did well at the store, spending very little on a whole lot. The total cost was still expensive, though, it could have been worse.

One of my splurge purchases happened to be cake mix… and frosting. :)

What can I say? Sometimes I feel like putting on my apron and getting all wifey by baking. It doesn’t happen very often so do please forgive me.

skinnyshae chocolate cake and cupcakesNamaste Foods gluten-free chocolate cake mix caught my attention because it didn’t come in a box with the Pillsbury Dough Boy on it.

That… and I found it in the “health food” aisle. (Unfortunately, I could not find healthified cake frosting. Duncan Heinz it is!)

skinnyshae makes chocolate cakeI love it when I can make something simple. Mix, three eggs, oil and water makes at least two 9-inch rounds. SO MUCH CAKE MIX.

skinnyshae makes cupcakesskinnyshae and chocolate cakeSince there was so much cake mix, I decided to make a pan of cupcakes AND a cake. In addition, since I don’t have cake rounds, I made a square cake.

Cupcakes makes me so ridiculously happy.

skinnyshae bakin cupcakesCupcakes HAVE to be frosted, or then it’s just a boring muffin. What better frosting for chocolate cupcakes than DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE frosting?

Um. None.

Dark ChocolateI may have eaten a tad while impatiently waiting for the cupcakes to set…

frosting is awesome best tasting frostingAnd by a tad I mean the entirety of that spatula. Sigh.

Dark chocolate and red wine…

skinnyshaeA glass of red wine and a cupcakeSimply delicious.

What’s not so delicious?


From what I’ve learned since being forced to clean up after myself, do all my own dishes and laundry and vacuum a two-story house without getting an allowance for it, cleaning sucks.

A lot.

Being a grown up sure has its downsides. Oh, well! Here’s a few helpful tips for those of you still waiting to be grown up (or a shared understanding with those of you who already are).

NEVER move the microwave unless you plan on being absolutely disgusted with yourself. I sure was.

At some point, oven cleaners just don’t work any more. And moving either the oven or the refrigerator is just a bad idea.

Cleaning up after your animals is another thing you’ll do in your own home. No more mom or dad to clean the dog bowls or clean out the cat box.

Animals, like I assume children and men to be, are dirty, filthy creatures. Have fun.

vacuumingLugging a vacuum cleaner up and down these things will make you hate vacuuming, if you already didn’t.

Everyday I want a Dyson vacuum. I have an Oreck. Sigh.

(Please excuse the stairs. They are unfinished, and we rent.)

The floor is impossible to keep clean no matter what you do. Just don’t walk around barefoot (i.e., put shoes on those nasty little hobbit feet as Husband calls them).

Finally, if your cabinets are white, paint them.


Some day I will share with you my awesome cleaning secrets, which are really just the faster/lazier ways of doing something.

Cheers! I’m off to make stew!

Wine? Red or white? Red. Only red. Only cab. I’m a picky wine drinker.

Share with me your cleaning secrets? I’ll share them, too! :)

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