Strength Workout FAIL and a Migraine

Before we begin…

Hill Workout: Doing any sort of hill workout (as described in my running program) on the incline treadmill is IMPOSSIBLE.


Well, the incline treadmill at the YMCA takes a good 30 seconds to set to the setting I need to run on for 10 seconds, and then getting back down to normal takes even longer because I’m RUNNING UPHILL while trying to push TINY buttons and NOT fall over. (I am not a professional transvestite. I do not have the coordination! HAVE YOU WATCHED EDDIE IZZARD YET?!)

Ugh! (Exclamation point “Ugh!”)

Instead of 10 seconds hard and 60 seconds rest, I ran uphill at 5 percent incline for 30 seconds hard and 60 seconds rest. Even with the adjustment, I still couldn’t tell you how well I actually did.

The whole thing would have been easier with a hill.

I know it’s Kansas, and we’re flat, but there are “hills” about the area. I know of hills I could have used.

Unfortunately, it’s 1000 degrees outside and, no, I’m not exaggerating, so I didn’t want to make use of any of those hills.

Even at the YMCA, I was pouring sweat after only a five-minute warmup.

It. Is. THAT. Hot.

Seriously unpleasant.

OK – now today.

I woke up this morning with something of a headache – undeveloped, not serious, easy to ignore, so I did.

While I was fetching my second and final cup of coffee, the headache got worse. Throughout the day, it grew and grew and grew!

Finally, I went in search of some sort of pain reliever. Five hundred milligrams of acetaminophen later…

…and I still had a headache.

Perhaps, working in front of a computer screen for three days straight really did a number on my brain via my poor, poor eyes, which also hurt like crazy bad.

So when I tried to do a pushup or any yoga pose, guess what happened? Sirens and lights went off behind my eyes, and I felt like I was dying. Migraine? Yeah…

No strength workout.

I do have good news! It’s not just an “oh woe is me” day!

My workout buddy is coming back! I’d say she is coming home, but technically her home is not this state.

Doesn’t matter! She’s coming back, and hopefully we’ll be working out together again on Monday!

Who’s excited?! This chick.

I made chicken and rice with Kung Pao Sauce (I did not make Kung Pao Chicken) for dinner last night. It was not fancy. And tonight I have plans to make fish and green beans. No recipes until tomorrow.

Lazy? Cha.

What is your go to dish when you don’t want to cook? Pizza totally doesn’t count, does it?

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