Running shorts, new jeans and Walnut Fish

Phew! Running errands all day plus my workout. I’m pooped!

Of course, I still have studying, cleaning and cooking to do before I can sleep. Sigh.

While I have not yet made dinner, which I promised earlier, I forgot to post a recipe for the baked tilapia I made a few nights ago.

I forgot… probably… because I was the only person who ate who enjoyed it. I may not have added enough spice; it was a tad bland.

The recipe really isn’t a recipe for tilapia. It’s a recipe for breading the tilapia.

Walnut Fish

  • ground flax seed
  • ground walnuts
  • bread crumbs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • pinch of cayenne

Mix enough of each ingredient to cover three tilapia fillets. Get it really ground up and mixed together. Dredge tilapia in the mixture and bake for 15-17 minutes, or more or less depending on the thickness of your fillet and the crappy-ness of your oven.


What makes this so awesome? Walnut, of course, but also that you can match this breading to any style of food: Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, etc.

What else makes it so awesome? It’s chock full of omega-3 fatty acids plus an enormous amount of healthy-for-you proteins and minerals.

Yeah. Fish is good.

We ate the fish with green beans and Garlic toast.

And aren’t my oven mitts cute? They have corkscrews.

In other news…

Recent purchases that have given me happies!

Size 29. :)
My old pair got an unfortunate hole after 3 years of use.

NEW running shorts!
Now, I don’t have to wear pants to the gym!

Check it out Marnie @ RunStreet! What about these? :)

What have you purchased recently? Running shorts, new jeans and beer.

What do you have on your oven mitts? Corkscrews and grapes.

Send me piccys of your oven mitts, and I’ll post them for the world!

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