Speed drills? Not bad!

I may not enjoy exercise and it might not come to me naturally, but when I did speed drills today, it wasn’t too bad.

Honestly! I almost had… fun…?

OK, maybe fun isn’t the correct term. Tolerable? No matter the word, speed drills were not the horrible experience I expected them to be.

Perhaps there is still hope for me.

In 22 minutes and eight seconds, I burned 331 calories. That does not include my warm up or cool down; it consisted simply of sprints and walking.

When I got to the YMCA, which I chose instead of the track because it’s HOT, I went up to the Loft and did a quick stretch.

By “quick stretch,” I mean I stretched my leg muscles about 5-10 seconds each. When I was younger, I attended a Running Camp, and the coach advised us not to stretch out our muscles completely until after we had completed the workout. Since then I have tried to follow that advice.

The Running Program reminded me of that Running Camp.

After stretching, I jogged a lap around the indoor track, and did another lap alternating between jogging, butt kicks and high knees.

After the quick cardio warm up, I hit the mat and worked my obliques and abs. (I hear if you wear out your abs before doing any other exercise, it makes your other muscle works harder without the solid support of the core.)

I also followed the advice of the running program by doing squats, lunges and pushups before running to tire my muscles and use up food and carbohydrate stores. (I want to burn fat!)

Then, I started the clocked.

I walked a lap to find my heartbeat at walking pace, which turned out to be between 108 and 123. (I know. I’m out of cardiovascular shape. Don’t remind me.) But I wanted to find a reasonable heart rate to return to without stopping after completing a speed drill.

One speed drill? Easy. Heart rate went straight up to 176. One lap of walking brought it down to 123. Second, third and fourth speed drills? A little more difficult, but I feel fine. I can keep going.

After four drills, my mind was set on doing eight drills. It was the fifth drill that killed me. My legs suddenly ached and felt heavy. My chest heaved with my stride. Every breath meant another step toward exhaustion.

The sixth drill was my last. I couldn’t do another.

Pouring sweat in approximately 20 minutes. I’m proud of myself.

I’m still working on eating right. To curb my desire for ice cream, I bought some 60% Dark Cacao and having been munching every time I get a sweet treat craving. (With the new birth control, that occurrence has been often.)

Speaking of birth control…

The new stuff made me gain something. Not weight, not inches, but something. For four days last week, I looked like a blubbery manatee.

It was disgusting.

No excess weight gain, except the weight I had gained back the weekend of my binging, and no excess inches at all! (Actually, at least one less inch at my natural waist! I’m in a size 29 in Silver Brand jeans!)

So what could be causing my blubbery bloat?

Water and hormones.

How do I know? Well, the water is gone now because I just sweat it all out, and my jeans fit comfortable again.

In addition, I hated my body, my face and my hair on Friday and felt completely depressed and weepy. (Welcome to my life.) But now I feel fine.

I hate hormones. I would like less or more of them depending on which amount actually works.

What’s for Dinner Tonight? Creamy Dijon Chicken and Rice? Sounds good. See you then!