Conditioning Circuit

What I did on Wednesday…

  • warmup circuit
  • 10 40-meter sprints
  • conditioning circuit

And then, death!

According to my running program, I am supposed to do hills today, but I do not think Shocker Fitness is going to follow along with my running program. The program is its own program with its own program of programs.

Mine is probably better, but I’ll do this because Coach Em and Ashley are really skinny and look awesome. <—– This is what I want.

What is a conditioning circuit? Circuit training is a form of conditioning that combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Is that what I did today? Cha.

  • 30 arm dips // 60 step-ups // 50 crunches
  • high skips // backwards run // bounds
  • shotput running (?)
  • lateral zig-zag running (?)
  • hills (lateral right up, lateral left up, backwards up, sprint up)


I did the first one (almost) completely. We were supposed to do hills twice, but I skipped the second set.

In the second round, I skipped the first set, and went straight to skips, and then went through a complete circuit to do the arm dips, step-ups and crunches last.

I do not consider that cheating, but I’m sure I should have done it in order to get the full effect. Whatevs.

Shocker Fitness + Too much breakfast

At 6:30 a.m., I signed up for Shocker Fitness.

For the next seven weeks, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will be at the track… early.

Ugh. Very early.

I wish I had taken a picture of my face this morning so you could see exactly how NOT excited I am about the prospect of early A.M. workouts.

Alas, I failed to snap a piccy of myself, but imagine that I looked like a grumpy old man with just half a cup of coffee in him.

Imagine. See it. Right! That’s it… that was my face. Not excited.

For the first Shocker Fitness workout, Coach Em (who I went to church with when I was younger – do not remember her from church…) walked us through a warmup, some accelerations and stretches.

After our warmup, which was exhausting, we ran/walked 150s for 12 minutes. TWELVE MINUTES.


It was bad.

Of the 150s, I ran about five laps, so probably 10-150s. But I wasn’t counting after lap two; I was dying.

After the 150s, we did some strengthening exercises, which I did not do well because of being exhausted from the running.

Then, we did stadiums. Ashley and I climbed one set of stadium seats, walked down the stairs, and then sprinted a half stadium.

And then died. (But not before after-workout stretching.)

When I got home, I showered – obviously –  and shoveled two scrambled eggs, two pieces of toast, three pieces of turkey lunch meat and a quarter cup of hot peppers into my face for breakfast.

I was so hungry.

Now I am quite satisfied and would very much like a nap. :)

First, according to the neat-oh! calculation I found on, I burned a total of 140 calories during the 12 minutes of running/walking 150s.

How depressing.

According to a neat-oh! calories-burned calculator, I burned about 400 calories in the 50 minutes I spent at the track.

Bloody depressing.

How many calories did I have for breakfast? Almost 700.

Probably not completely true… but I did eat A LOT of food when I got home.

Now, nap time!


Interval Workouts + How To: Calculate Calories Burned

For, Greg Presto writes in the article “The Best Exercises for Fat Loss” that sprinting in the form of interval training is a great total-body exercise.

I guess I am doing something right on Mondays.

In this blog, I have discussed sprinting, interval training and intense workouts as being more effective than taking the tortoise-route when wanting to lose weight.

Intensity in short bursts burns calories more quickly and more fat overall. (The cardio zone is not nearly as good as the fat-burning zone.)

Interval Training
Remember our prior discussions (and complaints) about Insanity? Insanity is the definition of interval training… it just happens to be a bad definition for me.

Luckily, Insanity is not the only interval training program.

Interval training is simply bouts of high-intensity exercise alternated with short rest periods. “Simple” meaning turning a normal workout routine into an interval workout routine is pie – up the intensity, rest and repeat.

If you like the track, sprint 100s. If you prefer the gym, get on the treadmill, elliptical or bike and do your own intervals!

Interval training burns more calories and improves the body’s ability to burn fat by promoting the production of growth hormone, which burns fat, and adrenaline, which burns fat and suppresses appetite.

I need me some growth hormone… Wait… Maybe not…

Interval workouts are shorter. Good thing because most people hate exercising for lengthy periods. Interval training also will get you fitter in fewer workouts.


Sprinting will give you gorgeous glutes, muscular legs and an all-over awesome body.

At the track, Ashley and I see sprinters all the time, and I WANT those legs. Remember, I want runner muscles?

According to the article, sprinters also have amazing arms and shoulders. I believe it! Since adding sprinting to my workout regimen, my arms are becoming more muscular and lean doing less pushups. Sweeeet!

A “Be Careful!” Note: You might pull a hammy. (P.S. I like calling it a hammy!) The article suggests beginning sprints on a hill (really?) to put less impact on your joints.

Sprinting only once a week can cause soreness (the good times). The article said even abs will feel the pain-gain, and it’s true. My tummy is sore… and smaller.

Density Workouts
Cardio is not necessary to get a high-intensity workout. (It is good for you, don’t get me – or the article – wrong.) However, by strength training opposing muscle groups at the same time, you can increase your heart rate and burn fat.

For example, work the glutes with squats, and then move on to the arms with hammer curls. Or work the legs with lunges, and then do pull-ups (from the article – I cannot do a pull-up).

And suggests…

“For each exercise, choose a weight with which you can perform 10 reps. Alternate between exercises, performing just five reps of each with a 10-rep weight… Rest as needed between sets and pairs so that you can complete each set of five without failing.”

Alternate 10-15 minutes. When you do it again, try to beat your record. (Just like weights class in high school.)

Not in the article, but something I have tried as a workout… Do squats while doing bicep curls. Do lunges with a twist to work the core. Do step-ups with an overhead press. It works both muscle groups at the same time, which works the body harder. Debbie Seibers does it, and she looks great.

Countdown Workouts
Something I’ve never heard of… intriguing…

Countdown workouts use opposing exercise pairs, too, but require you to keep careful count. Go figure.

According to the article, the workout involves one fewer rep for each move. The whole point is to keep you on track with counting, and also provide motivation because there is a finish line – zero reps.

From Mike Wunsch, performance director at Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, Calif., the article highlighted a few countdown pairs:

  • kettlebell swing with squat thrust
  • medicine ball side toss with medicine ball slam
  • jumping jacks with pushup
  • squat thrust with pushup

I have to figure out what a squat thrust is…

The Hurricane (?)
Brief, but intense was the description provided…

The Hurricane is made up of lifting weights and interval training broken up into three groups called rounds. Each round includes an exercise to get the heart rate up, and the two in between. The whole thing lasts about 16-22 minutes.

You might just have to see it because the explanation is just complicated… Check it out!

And the final item…

NOT an exercise or workout regimen but a necessary part of getting fit.

The article has done something for me that I have been trying to figure out precisely for… well, forever…

Calories = [(0.2017 x age) + (0.6309 x heart rate) – (0.09036 x weight) – 55.0969] x time / 4.184

That is one helluva calculation… (trembles in fear of math), but let’s try one for the helluva it!

Calculation for Wednesday’s Hill Workout
[(0.2017 x 23) + (0.6309 x 170) – (0.09036 x 132) – 55.0969] x 30 / 4.184 = 321.7 (I think.)

Math, even with a calculator, sucks.

…after all that work… Pretend I’m a man, and then I burnt 321.7 calories. Ugh!

As a woman…
Calories = [(0.074 x 23) + (0.4472 x 170) – (0.05741 x 132) – 20.4022] x 30 / 4.184 = 356.7

There! That’s how many calories I burned.

I now have the most complicated way to figure out how many calories I have actually burned. (Gotta love Livestrong! :) ) Guess what’s going to happen, though? I’m still going to go off whatever the machine says.

Favorite interval workouts? Go!

How did you burn calories today?  I was supposed to run. Instead, I spent two hours cleaning my ENTIRE house. (Except ceiling fans…)

I lost another pound! + Cooking Pains

Yes, I know I suck…

I apologize for the delay – the very long delay. I do, however, have a great excuse.

First. Week. Of. School.


Education Round Up
Communication Law and Responsibility

  • case law
  • First Amendment rights
  • interpreting the Constitution

Communication Theory

  • Nomothetic Theories
  • epistemology, axiology and ontology (too much philosophy)

Health Communication

  • Campus Kitchens Project
  • Numana
  • …not sure… the first class was canceled

Did I mention I’m a communication student? :)

Homework: quiz, essay, chapterschapterschapters, research articles, PowerPoint presentation, another essay, case study

Shoot. Me. In. The Face.

Workout Roundup
Monday: Sprints

Tuesday: NOTHING

Wednesday: Hills (Killed me.)

Thursday (Oh! That’s today!): NOTHING

(Plans for) Friday: 3-mile run

Ashley and I are thinking about starting Shocker Fitness, a fitness program created by the WSU track team. Shocker Fitness costs money… I do not want to spend more money on exercise.

Decisions. Decisions.

Food Roundup
Last weekend, I ate like crap. Throughout this week, I ate much better, even if I didn’t eat as much and didn’t enjoy the food.

Cooking and I are having an argument. It’s getting pretty heated. Yesterday, cooking made me cry, so today I boiled spaghetti and warmed up pasta sauce in the microwave because it’s impossible to mess that up and ate cold sandwiches.

Take that, cooking.

Because of cooking and the fact that Monday’s sprints and Wednesday’s hills KILLED me, I lost another pound! I officially weigh 132, and will weight 132 until I weigh less than that.

(I know because of water and salt and hormones that I will probably bounce back up to 134-135, and, no, I’m not happy about it.)

I weighed myself before snarfing two bowls of spaghetti (sooooo so hungry) and weighed 131 pounds, but I do not believe it. I was VERY empty when I ate lunch.

Dieting sucks less right now. :)

Beauty Problem
I am literally covered in what I hope are just normal mosquito bites. Covered probably isn’t the right word. I have about a gazillion on my legs and two on one arm.

I am itchy.

Apparently I taste amazing. Freaking irritating. No joke.

Weirdly my bug bites seems to be bruising as the heal… So now I am also suddenly allergic to bug bites. Fantastic! >:(

Oh, well! I look skinnier… that’s nice.

Anybody back to school? Always a good time!

#MotivationMonday + the 1st day of school

#MotivationMonday is a Twitter thing.

Have I told you all how very very much I love Twitter? I love it so much that I used the same word twice in a row in a sentence… and that’s saying something.

Grammar Hammer can fall upon me today!

So Twitter is amazing… that’s not the point. The point is that if you search #MotivationMonday on Twitter, you can find thousands of other people in the Twitterverse sharing their motivation!

They just give it away! I love #MotivationMonday, hashtags – in general – and Twitter. Good fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 2:45 p.m.
My first class of the new semester is to be held at 3:30 p.m. I need to prepare for it, but I wanted to blog so badly.

Yesterday, as you are probably aware of, was laundry day. I spent an entire day setting up my curriculum and creating syllabi for my classes that I didn’t have any time to blog at all. I was also doing a great deal of research on Numana and The Campus Kitchens Project. No worries! I’ll be explaining them more later on because they have so much to do with nutrition, food and hunger.

What’s a “skinny” girl’s blog for if not to promote charities that feed the food-insecure in her community?

Well, if it’s not also that, then I don’t know what it’s for anymore! :)

How do I feel about my first day back after a long, what some people may call “relaxing” summer?

Excited. Anxious (the good kind). Exhilarated.


I have my folders ready and two different colors of pens and a highlighter and a marker to write on the board (it’s for teaching) and paper clips and EVERYTHING. And paper.

What am I missing? Textbooks. But they’re in the mail!

School is where I belong, and I belong to school. I’ll never get a real job. :)

BEFORE the school day began, however, I belonged to the track, and it kicked my A-S-S. No joke.

I ate like crap all weekend. My admittance. There it is.



Yummy fried things and delicious Thai things.

Absolute crap. (And I would make the obvious analogy if I didn’t think it would make me barf.)

I want to eat like 14 apples to just clean out my system. I love apples. Shouldn’t be hard. (Note: It’s WAY hard to eat more than one apple at a time. Ugh. The fullness.)

Monday Sprint Day with Ashley didn’t feel so awesome weighing as much as I do and carrying around the excess nonsense that I am.

She pushed me hard, kicked my butt and made me keep moving. I love that girl.

We ran a 12-minute warmup mile. Yes. That is the best that I can do. We also stretched, loosened up the hip joints and… left our shoes on our feet. :(

I wanted to run barefoot in the grass on the football field, but it was wet from the rain. Barefoot running + wet grass = skinnyshae falling on her face. (Remember why I can’t go ice skating?)

Since the rain ruined the field, we sprinted 8-100’s with squats, jumping jacks and up/downs in between intervals.

I. Wanted. To. Die. No! I felt like I was dead.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get my legs off the ground, couldn’t get my elbows back, couldn’t do… anything!

Depression almost got me, but Ashley pulled me up, put me back on that track and told me to “push off” my feet and get my knees up. She also gave me a head start and yelled: “Don’t let me catch you!”

Yeah, right. Like I have a choice. She’s a bullet! :)

Twitter may be only fingertips away, but Ashley gives the kind of motivation that just doesn’t quit. I wish I could bottle her motivation and sell it to people…

I’d be so rich.

I will not be defeated!

Dear Readers,

From my previous post, I’m sure you know I did not have a great Thursday.

Well, after Friday, my Thursday got a lot better. Doesn’t make sense? Doesn’t need to. Just know that ALMOST everything is better. (Cooking is still impossible for me right now.)

I suppose I got some splainin’ to do!

Thursday: 7:30 a.m.
I wake up with a terrible headache, but it’s not bad enough to worry over so I take an Alieve (just one) and get some breakfast.

I slept well Wednesday night, but I still feel tired. Coffee should fix the problem. It doesn’t.

Before I leave, I carp at Husband. He is quite confused.

9:00 a.m.
I am at work. It is my last day before school starts on Monday.

I must write two final content pages, but the web editor is being difficult… timing out and crashing. Nothing new, I guess.

I must also write my last blog (for the organization, not for skinnyshae). It is a “goodbye” blog, and it introduces my replacement.

My last goal: Train my replacement. She has her work cut out for her. The job is hard (but only because parts of it are frustrating).

Email after email. Text and phone call, one after another. Bad news. It’s all to do with school. I am anxious. I am pissed.

3 p.m.
My head aches with full force. My stomach hurts. Time to go home.

4 p.m.
I’m home. I shower quickly. I do not want to be in the shower long; it’s too hot.

Nap! Brilliant. Peaceful. Three hours.

I make Creamy Dijon Chicken and Rice. It’s terrible.


Friday 7 a.m.
Filled with endorphins after three miles with Ashley and her friend. Happiness abounds! But running with skinny girls is hard…

My body is too heavy to maintain pace. I have to stop and walk. (They’re nice so they stopped with me.)

I feel good, but I also feel fat.

9:30 a.m.
My headlight is fixed! :)

10:30 a.m.
SUPER anxious. It is almost time for the meeting that decides my entire schedule for the next five months.

I cannot work the same schedule I worked during my first two semesters. It will kill me, and I will get stressed out and fat.


I get the schedule I need. Stress- and anxiety-free!

My Thursday got better! It just took 24 hours and half of a Friday. :)

I wish I could go into more detail, but some things are SUPER private, and other things I just cannot remember – like what I said… no clue!

Fitness Update: No workout on Thursday, three miles on Friday and an intense yoga practice this morning!

Diet Update: Beer-Battered Shrimp Tacos and Chips and Salsa at Jose Peppers… I know it’s bad, but I didn’t eat the tortillas or the cheese. The tacos were dressed with raw cabbage, little sauce and avocado slices. I also ate black beans and only a little rice.

Big problem? Margaritas… I know. On the rocks is better than frozen! :)

Back with better posts as soon as my curriculum is set! I have a lot of work to do for the semester.

While you are not reading skinnyshae, check out the awesome blogs on my blogroll.


I hate having bad days…

Bad morning.

Bad news ALL day.

Sad last day at work.

Good nap. That was nice.

Bad dinner.

It’s time for trivia and some beer.