skinnyshae: Blog Explorer

I have been a horrible blogger in the online community. I apologize.

To make up for my lack of communication across the Interwebz, I went exploring. :)

Here are a number of awesome things I found…

1) It’s Dana’s (@ my little celebration) “bertday.” Gotta love her!

2) Run Street has an entire page for slackers: The Slacker’s Guide Series. “How to Stick to a Running Program?” Yes, please. Guide me!

3) My friend from THE VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER (Kindergarten), Sami Jo has a great blog just celebrating the things she loves like air conditioning units. Check out Samiwaslike!

4) Betty from The Betty Life loves all the same things I do. She just does them better. :) Her health and diet tips and recipes are AWESOME. And she travels!

5) I posted some Natural Food Remedies from one of my journals a bit ago, and upon reading it, the Savvy Sister commented her thanks, and gave me the opportunity to stalk her blog. I  L.O.V.E. it. Read her about page for some SERIOUS good feelings.

6) Swanson Health is looking for bloggers to review some of their products for FREEbies. I so totally want to do that. However, who knows when I’ll have time to review :( Stupid GRE.

6 1/2) Math is still impossible. That’s not blog related, but it is true. Sigh.

7) A Foodie Stays Fit posted a few days back about trying to get back her “workout mojo.” Since I often lose that thing, I decided to add her to my reader. If she’s got the tips, I’ll eat them up!

8) Another blog I stole from Dana :) Hungry Runner Girl, I am a big fan. I love all types of food, even if someone else has to cook them for me so they taste good, but I’m not the biggest fan of running. She loves both! It’s craziness!

Does it feel weird to only have eight things? Yes.

Because of yoga, I enjoy things that come in 3s.

But, because of attempting to work out and count calories, I enjoy things divisible by 10. (Also because of studying for math. Tens are the only things I can do in my head.)

Eight things feels odd, but I need a little disruption in my life so odd I shall be!

Check these bloggers out kids. Help me make peace with my lack of exploration. :)