Healthy Grocery Haul!

Back from the store!

I used a total of three coupons for a savings of less than $10, so I failed on the coupon front. However, I hit a whole lot of store deals.

My Total: approximately $135


You might think that $135 is a lot for groceries, especially if I didn’t extreme coupon my way into 54 bottles of mustard. Well, I don’t need any mustard this week, and I did something I don’t usually do…

I bought organic food.

I know! I said millions of times before that organic food is too expensive. And it is! I know!

However, for some reason, Dillon’s had many organic products on sale, and the ordinary produce was more expensive. Odd? Yes.

Here’s my haul…

Simply Orange orange juice for my Cajun Rice Soup recipe, which is why the bottle is so small. I only need 3/4 cup.

Fresh Dark Sweet Cherries! I love cherries! More so when they’re not dried. :)

Husband has been bothering me about buying nuts so I did. I bought a $9 bag of walnuts. Expensive! (In order to purchase the walnuts, I put back the fancy cheese. Sacrifices.)

The small plastic bags behind the orange juice are filled with pearl barley for the Beef and Barley Stew I will make and flax seeds. Yep! I purchased whole flax seeds. I will turn them into meal in the food processor to make them easier to eat.

Why not just buy them that way? Well, flax seed meal costs $4.99. Whole ORGANIC flax seeds cost $2.94, and the extra labor to grind them only costs me my time.

Why did I buy flax seeds anyway? Husband brought a waffle iron home yesterday. I want to make healthy waffles! I’m on the hunt for recipes!

Green chiles, off-brand Rotel, Hunts Marinara sauce, Idaho Dutch Yellow Potatoes and golden hominy for a number of recipes. Simple ingredients, and every single one of them was on sale!

I purchased Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread instead of the usual Earthgrains 7-Grain Bread because it was cheaper. (Yes. Wonder Bread would have been even cheaper, but it’s not really bread.)

New Purchase: Smart Balance Creamy Peanut Butter. I usually buy off-brand or store-brand but felt like splurging! (Plus I had $1 off coupon.) Smart Balance doesn’t have partially hydrogenated anything in it.

Skim milk! I drink skim because the chance of it making me ill is very slim compared to 2% or Vitamin D. Husband used to drink Vitamin D, but he said the extra health benefits weren’t worth the extra fat content and switched to skim.

Onions, apples, scallions and peppers were not bought organic. The ordinary versions were much cheaper. However, I did buy organic celery hearts and organic baby carrots because they were cheaper than the others. That never happens!

Purchase that Excites Me: Sweet-2-Eat Nectarines! I love nectarines! :)

I argued with myself for a good minute about the eggs. I wanted to buy Organic Cage Free eggs, about which I’ve heard wonderful things. However, Dillon’s eggs were on sale for $0.99 a dozen. I got two dozen eggs… not organic.

I also bought fresh-baked French rolls for some Italian Sandwiches. I know, right?

In addition, I purchased frozen spinach, tilapia, chicken, chicken broth (not organic), granola bars (off-brand) and Wheat Chex.

Finally, I got a GREAT deal on notebook paper: 280 pieces of paper for $0.60. In a notebook! Not loose leaf! Now, I have plenty of paper with which to practice GRE math problems.

Today’s grocery haul should feed Husband and I for the next two weeks. We will have to make trips to the store to buy another gallon of milk and , but that’s normal.

I have the following meal ideas in mind…

  • Italian Sandwiches with turkey or pastrami
  • Oven BBQ Chicken
  • Herb-Pepper Rubbed Beef
  • Skillet Pork Chops Florentine (Tonight!)
  • Creamy Dijon Chicken with Rice
  • Creamy Egg Scrambled with Scallions and Tomatoes (and waffles…)
  • Cajun Rice Soup
  • Crock Pot Posole
  • Fluffy Dilled Carrots and Potatoes (with tilapia or salmon)
  • Beef and Barley Stew

These recipes might sound fancy, but most are or look extremely easy to make. Making them taste good with my cooking skills… Who knows?

Well, I suppose if $135 of groceries gets Husband and I all of that food, it can’t be too bad. I did a good job and bought healthy food!

Weren’t apples, nuts and crunchy veggies on my Skinny Shopping List? :)

What’s on your shopping list? Currently, new jeans.
How do you get the best deals?
Argue with myself about eggs.