Here we go again

I made my decision!

I decided to restart Month 1 of Insanity, instead of moving on with the Recovery Week and Month 2.


For one: I have not worked hard enough or eaten healthy enough to move on to something sounding so relaxing as Recovery Week. I have done the Recovery Week in the past, and it’s pie.

But not the good pie. Just the easy pie.

Second: I am not ready for Month 2. I am afraid… NO! Terrified of Month 2.

I have done Month 2.

It’s not pie.

So I will start again. Instead of an 9-week program, I will complete a (created by Shae) 14-week program.

Go me!

I started Week 1 over again today with Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

My favorite.

(note: sarcasm)

Exercise Feeling of the Day
My legs are made of rocks. What gives?

Some other stuff (not) worth mentioning…
When I sit for too long with nothing to do, I chew my fingers off.

My knee hurts.

I cannot wait for school to start.

Math should be a torture device.

My book of words to memorize has far too many “D” and “E” words.Β  (I’ve memorized A, B and C, so far.)

Hummus is awesome.

I burned 750 calories in my workout today.

Does anyone know of a good free fitness app for iPhone? Oh, did I tell you, I got an iPhone!

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