I feel like a machine

I feel like a diet-fitness-beauty-GRE-work machine.


I might be jumping the gun, but I feel good about my workouts lately. I have approached fitness with alacrity.

For example, I worked out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today!) without feeling antipathy toward myself or my workout. I also have not fallen into abject self-pity, which is awesome.


Perhaps my abysmal attitude toward exercise has attenuated because I decided to abjure anxiety from my mindset.

I will not hate exercise!

Unfortunately, I have indulged in the consumption of empty calories since last week. I am not overindulging in the sweets or salts, but I am indulging. Fortunately, I no longer want to feel anxious or guilty about what I eat so… who cares? Not me!

I wish I had an abstemious lifestyle. I wish I could practice abstinence when it comes to dark chocolate, wine and Ramen, all of which have adulterated my diet last and this week so far.

But I have an affinity for ambrosia. Oh, boo? Oh, well!

To ameliorate my bad diet, Husband and I will have catfish fillets (which I thought were tilapia when purchased) and a salad I plan on picking up after work. Fish and salad are healthy! It’ll work.

OK, so I’m sure you noticed the italicized words beginning with the letter A…

My apologies.

I am studying for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), on which I need to score at least 1300 to qualify for certain Ph.D. programs in this country.

(I don’t even want to know what out-of-country scores and applications would look like. No Europe for Shae!)

I suppose, in effort to increase my memory of the 800 frequently used words on the GRE, I decided to abuse my power with this blog by (not really) forcing you to read it and figure out what in the world I am talking about.

To help you understand (and to help me study more), I have listed the definitions below.

  • alacrity – cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed
  • antipathy – dislike; hostility
  • abject – miserable; pitiful (I may not have used this one correctly, but that’s not important. I just need to know the definition right now.)
  • abysmal – very bad
  • attenuate – to weaken (attenuated – weakened)
  • abjure – to reject; formally abandon
  • abstemious – moderate in appetite
  • abstinence – the act of giving up certain pleasures
  • adulterate – to corrupt to make impure
  • affinity – fondness; liking; similarity
  • ambrosia – something delicious
  • ameliorate – to improve

Enjoy your new vocabulary words! Hopefully, by my next post, I can assault you with words that begin with the letter B.

I will not cause you pain with such things as inequalities, averages, expressions, etc. because math is probably the most horrible thing I have ever done.

Like I said… I feel like a machine!

Purdue, KU, Stanford… I’m comin’ for ya’! :)

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