From insanity to beauty

From INSANITY to beauty…

I hope you are not expecting a deep, fulfilling conversation about finding beauty in madness.

I hope.

Because I really just wanted to talk about makeup.  :)

After an Insanity workout, I look like poo…

Plyo Cardio Circuit Insanity Workout After…and, yes, this means that I did workout today. I totally didn’t get upset either.

Sweaty Head Band Soaked by InsanityAs a towel must be hung to dry, so must the nasty head band I use to hold my hair back.


According to my calorie-counting watch, after 42 minutes of Insanity’s Plyo workout, I burned 647 calories.

I believe this very little, but, hey, whatever I can get, right?

Not important! The point of this post is to show you how I get pretty! We haven’t talked about beauty in a while, and diet and fitness have become depressing topics.

Moving on!

After my shower, during which I shaved my legs (but we’ll get to this later), I have to follow a certain routine.

First, I take care of my skin. Deodorant (always necessary), pimple cream, moisturizer and lotion. Usually, I would wear sun screen with a higher SPF, but we’re out, and I refuse to waste the tanning lotion.

Degree Deodorant, Clean&Clear Benzoyl Peroxide, Moisturizer, Eye Drops, Hawaiian Tropics Tanning LotionOf course, allergy eye drops are not for my skin but for my eyes; and I NEED them or bloodshot shall happen.

And then I need to pick out my outfit!

Independance Day Fourth of July Red White and Blue OutfitIt happens to be the Fourth of July, so I figured why not pull out something red, white and blue.

The skirt is the reason I shaved my legs. It is TOO hot to wear pants or long skirts, all of which I own are black.

I don’t need confidence to walk around in clothes that show off my legs. Apparently, I just need 100 degree weather sans nice breezes and moisture of any kind.

Who knew?

Next, I need to do my hair, which is probably the most annoying thing to do in this heat.

Fine, curly, long hair careSince I refuse to use hot air styling tools without standing in front of an A/C unit, I load my poor hair full of chemicals and air dry.

Chemical 1: Lotion for my hair to reduce split ends due to the use of hot air styling tools and free radicals.

Chemical 2: Fine hair protections spray to avoid the dry cracky feeling that comes along with the use of hot air styling tools and free radicals. It’s a shine spray, too.

Chemical 3: Without some gel to control the weirdness that is my hair, it will frizz like a crazy person.

I am not loyal to the Pantene Pro-V brand, but they provide a lot of coupons. Generally, I get the best deal on Pantene products.

Scrunch Gel into Hair for Curly LookScrunch it all in damp hair, comb through hair for even coverage and then shake it out!

I always pull my hair up in a clip before it completely dries to set a pretty wave.

Peach Blush for Fair Skin

Makeup is next! My usual routine is some moisturizing foundation… and glasses. However, I thought I show you my simple look for day.

My Day Look routine includes, light cream foundation, under eye concealer, soft face powder and peach blush.

If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll put contacts in and play up my eyes with green highlighting eye shadow and some mascara. Eyeliner did not happen today. Too harsh.

And voila! From INSANITY to beauty…

The finished product!

Why is it so yellow? No idea. So I played around with my forehead wrinkles and kissy faces! :)

Happy Fourth of July!  Ivan and I will be watching fireworks on the front porch. Hopefully, the neighborhood will put on a good show for us!

How do you do a simple day look?

What are you doing for the holiday?

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