Staying honest: My diet and fitness journey

I need to stay honest and accountable, especially if I want to stay on track.

For the week of June 20, 2011, I made many mistakes when it came to dieting and staying on track with my fitness program.

Many mistakes.

I exercised twice, well, two and one-half times. On Monday, I completed my Fit Test with reasonable results. I wanted to do better.

On Tuesday, I cried about stuff, and couldn’t finish my workout.

On Wednesday, I got half way through Pure Cardio before giving up. (One-half!)

On Thursday, I finished Cardio Recovery, even though I did not deserve any recovery from cardio.

On Friday and Saturday, I was so busy with work, grocery shopping and spending time with family that I completely skipped my workouts (and blogging). Good job Shae.

On the healthy eating front, I did well until Friday. First, I ate cookies at work. (Darn it!)

Then, Husband and I went to Hu-Hot Mongolian Grill with a friend. The sodium and oil content were through the roof! After dinner, we had dessert at Orange Leaf and ate frozen yogurt… that came in barrels.

True! I did not have to fill my barrel full of bad-for-me food stuffs, but I did. Ugh.

At the end of the night, I did not feel great. To say the least.

On Saturday, I ate a good breakfast, but had fried chicken in Olpe, Kansas (no I didn’t know it existed), with a large portion of my husband’s family.

I should have ordered a salad! But the place was called the Chicken House.

For dinner, we ate at Sister-In-Law’s house and had burgers, chips and potato salad. (And I also got in a little retail therapy.)

It’s Sunday, which means it’s laundry day, and I’m eating cookies. Can I stop myself? Yes. But what am I doing?


Laundry Note: Stain sticks do not work on deep, set-in stains. Waste of money! I really hope I did not ruin Husband’s favorite pants… My shirt was a goner in the beginning. :)

My honesty. It’s really not that pretty, is it?

When I make dinner tonight, I’ll make sure I keep the fat and sodium content down and the healthy, nutrient-rich content up!

To make up for my serious fitness sins, I plan on redoing Week 3 of Insanity at the end of Month 1. Instead of an eight-week program (that will probably be 16 before I see any results), I will do a nine-week program to make up for the parts I skipped.

I have a resolution for the next weeks of my diet and fitness journey: Do not get upset. Just be happy. Be happy all the time, and I will do better.

That’s a good goal, and I might be able to love my workout if I can be happy.

6 thoughts on “Staying honest: My diet and fitness journey

  1. Rachel

    you seem so hard on yourself- don’t be! you gotta listen to your body, if you want a cookie- have a cookie! food isn’t something that we should be punishing ourselves for, and deprivation often leads to excess (aka eat the cookie…so you don’t eat the whole batch). i love at the top of your site how it says “Diet. Fitness. Beauty. And how much it all sucks.” i hate the word “diet,” it’s such a dirty little word. healthy eating should be a lifestyle, not a pesky little negative word that straight up has the word die in it. where’s the fun in that? the pursuit of beauty never makes us happy, it’s all in realizing you really are beautiful just by being you! and fitness well… i’m slowly learning that exercise is a necessary part of life, but if you can’t get it in in a way that’s fun, it won’t stick. it’s all about finding things that work for you, so it’s a lifestyle, not something ephemeral like a “diet.” don’t beat yourself up and try to just take things one day at a time- one meal at a time even! you can do it!


    • skinnyshae

      I am hard on myself, but I have to be, no one else is! :)

      I had a lot of cookies today… Oh, dear. I do not deprive myself, though, unless I don’t have an appetite, which is NOT fun. I correct that as quickly as possible.

      Healthy eating is my goal in life, but not currently my lifestyle. We’re having arguments on how French fries and nachos aren’t part of the plan. It’s whatev.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. Last week was a hard one.


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