Workout fail…

(…and something less depressing.)

It had to happen eventually, right? Well, it happened today. I thought I’d share as I would like to stay as honest as possible with my blog.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit did NOT happen as it was scheduled.

I think it was an all-day sabotage…

I woke up before my alarm, which usually means a person has good sleep habits or some nonsense, but for me, it means I slept horribly. I woke up exhausted. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t sleep last night even though I was really tired.

I read my horoscope (because it’s on my phone… I don’t go looking for it), and it gave me hope for a bright day filled with accomplishments: “This may feel like a day meant for you, Aquarius. You’re emotionally strong. You feel like you’re able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Tackle all those projects you love but have been too scared to start. You have a great deal of energy and confidence in your favor. You will succeed in almost anything you try, so don’t waste this moment by just watching TV.”

The horoscope was hopeful, but also quite foreboding… Oh! And it’s a great big liar!

Throughout my day at work, I was tired… simply just exhausted. I worked and worked and typed and typed and eventually ran out of things to do until someone assigned me a new task. I went looking for a new task, found one and almost completed it before I had to go home.

Well, horoscope, what do you say about that? I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to accomplish today at work. Yes… there is Thursday to do more work, but you said, “succeed in almost anything you try…

I suppose almost is a key word.

OK – so work was a little off. That’s fine. I still got stuff done and/or started.

What happens when I get home?

Well, I’m hungry, so I eat banana bread with too much butter, and then I’m still hungry so I have a hunk of sharp cheddar cheese. I’m no longer hungry. I have one-half cup of coffee because I have to cut back by half and am allowed less coffee each day.

What happens next? Do I put on my workout clothes and get bee-boppin’ to Insanity? Do I listen to the warning of my horoscope?

Heck no, I don’t!

Instead, I turn on the TV and watch an episode of Law & Order SVU (my favorite). Husband wakes up and sits with me. We chill.

He goes to the gym, and I get ready for my workout.

I swear it took me 20 minutes to get ready. I was stalling!

Shorts, shirt, shoes… not hard to accomplish! But I painstakingly put my gym clothes on, tied my shoes with disdain and pinned my hair into place as slowly as I could.

I also took time to adjust my stellar headband twice and blow my nose before moseying downstairs to workout.

In an effort to pump myself up, I turned on my own music and ditched the Insanity soundtrack, which is quite terrible.

Immediately backfired. I bee-bopped to my music instead of my workout and made myself dizzy.

Good job, Shae.

I also became distracted with the volume of my music compared to the DVD, my dog staring intently out the window at something (so I had to check) and a muscle cramp.

Three minutes in to the warm-up, I crumpled.

My body yelled at me from somewhere in my lower left abdominal region. My body complained that I was forcing it to do things my head knew it didn’t want to do. Added to that was the fact that I was already exhausted and had little desire to do any sort of workout.

Hence, workout fail.

After the crumple came the emotional breakdown that often follows my inability to do a workout when I’m supposed to do a workout.

Emotionally strong…”? Yeah, right.

Horoscopes are liars.

So I got mad, cried about and proceeded to be a bit depressed – in that order. Fortunately, I’m done throwing a temper tantrum now and will attempt my workout tomorrow with a brighter face.

…probably not, but I did say attempt.

Keywords. We need to pay attention to those. :)

Something less depressing? I think Sister-in-Law and I are going to extreme coupon for diapers. Nephew poops a lot.

Something also less depressing? I will not be depressing tomorrow. I will post something uplifting! I will do it!

6 thoughts on “Workout fail…

  1. dana @ my little celebration

    As I read this post, I was visualizing you do ALL of these things in my mind. And, although it was a little depressing for you, it was quite entertaining for me. Sorry, was that snarky? All I meant was, you’re funny and I enjoyed your post even though it was a poutier tone than normal.

    On another note, when I move back to Wichita, which is ASAP SEERRRIIIOUUSLYYYYY (i hate topeka), we MUST find a way to be workout partners. I will motivate and it will work!!


    • skinnyshae

      It was my intention to be funny, so you are not snarky! I knew I was complaining so I figured, why not?


      You are already a fantastic motivation. From your fafafafafafafashion post (lol), I now want to fit in high-waisted shorts. I don’t wear shorts because of cellulite… So… you officially motivated me to get rid of that. :)


      • skinnyshae

        I’m too short to wear shorts. At least, shorts that cover my entire thigh region. I look silly in shorts! I also look silly in capri pants… I need to be taller, but no amount of working out will grow my legs. lol

        And, yes, we will. EXERCISE DUO! AHAHAHAHA!

        :P Love you!


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