Second fit test results and… skinny jeans…

I am two weeks in to the Insanity program (during my gazillionth attempt)! Yay! Milestone, or something! :)

I just completed my second fit test and took my measurements, much to my dismay.

First Fit Test and Measurements
Switch-Kicks: 71
Power Jacks: 43
Power Knees: 80
Power Jumps: 15
Globe Jumps: 6
Suicide Drills: 12
Pushup Jacks: 15
Obliques: 30
Under Bust: 30″
Natural Waist: 29.5″ (between belly button and ribcage)
Low Waist: 35″ (I measured the inches around my belly fat. That’s what this is.)
Hips: 40″
Left/Right Arm (Bicep): 12″ ea.
Left/Right Thigh (Quad): 22.7″ ea.

Second Fit Test and Measurements
Switch-Kicks: 75
Power Jacks: 47
Power Knees: 84
Power Jumps: 20
Globe Jumps: 8
Suicide Drills: 16
Pushup Jacks: 21
Obliques: 45
Under Bust: 31″ (One inch of back fat gain!)
Natural Waist: 28.5″ (May or may not be a real loss of one inch.)
Low Waist: 33″ (Belly pooch lost two inches? Really?)
Hips: 40″
Left/Right Arm (Bicep): approx. 12″ ea.
Left/Right Thigh (Quad): approx. 24″ ea.

I increased in every workout at least by four moves, and I am happy to have lost two inches around my belly fat region. Wewt!

I also weighed myself on Sunday at my mother’s house (our scale is broken). I weighed 136.7 pounds. During my first fit test results and measurements, I weighed between 137-139 pounds. Whether or not this is a real loss or some fluctuation… Screw it. I choose loss.

However, these numbers don’t mean anything to me if I cannot see the change in my body. So how do I really really test that objectively?

Well, I don’t, but here’s my best shot.

Skinny jeans.

My skinny jeans, which I’ve owned since I was 19, have been hiding in a closet or staring me straight in the face since I was… oh, I don’t know… 19?

I truly believe that you must be “skinny” to wear skinny jeans because “curvy” people don’t always look normal. Still, I want to fit in mine.

This time around… I was quite uncomfortable.

I got them on…

Movement, however, was quite limited, especially in the calf-region where I am just NOT skinny. I have big calves.

So I got the skinny jeans on. Good job, Shae!

What is my goal for my third fit test two weeks from now?

Move around in them! And not have belly bulge!

OK! This is Shae being really open and honest… Ugh.

This is hard.

I’m not a big fan.

I took a whole bunch of photos, but I don’t want to share them because they’re just… I’m prude, and this is about as much as I can share without feeling odd. (I totally removed the ones I had, too.)

Oh, well, I got them on. Two weeks from now better be more visually promising… I’m prepared for more.

Side Note: I am using a multi-function heart rate monitor by Sportsline I purchased from Wal-Mart. I think it’s lying to me. Does anyone else use this particular piece of equipment? Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent calorie-counting, time-keeping, heart-rate-monitoring watch?

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