Bad workout? Or was I being lazy?

Pure Cardio of Insanity today!

I’m always excited for Pure Cardio. (le sarcasm)

I was pretty pumped for my workout today. I had a lot on my mind – work, future career plans, education – and figured a good workout would clear my head.

Well, it did, but I felt very odd throughout the workout.

Every squat or jump hurt my back all over, but it wasn’t really pain as much as it was a feeling. I cannot even describe it.

During “High Knees,” I stepped funny and pinched a nerve in my foot. (Can you even pinch foot nerves?) And a tremor went straight up my leg and into my hip. So weird.

When I didn’t feel fatigued, my body did. Mentally – I felt I could keep going. Physically – I wanted to stop.

So was I tired? Was it just a bad workout ? Am I lazy? What’s going on here?!

It was just… a really weird workout. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. (It’s Plyo. Boo.)

Now… I said something about stuff being on my mind…
needing to clear my head…
work, future career plans, education….

Let me tell you what has been running through my head.

After much deliberation, I decided to write a master’s thesis, instead of completing a graduate project or more course credit hours.

Last semester, when stress had me chewing my finger nails to the bone, I told myself that I would not write a thesis. The stress of three graduate classes nearly made me a giant crazy hot mess. Ask anyone I know. They’ll tell you.

So I wanted to take a easier route. Sure, I would have to write several more research papers, but not a thesis.

And, since I wasn’t going to write a thesis, I would not have to worry about my GPA because I had no intention of applying for a Ph.D. program. (Of course I would worry because that’s what I do.)

All of that changed.

The single, most complicated class I have ever taken (aside from Algebra, which really doesn’t count – heh!) was Issues in Corporate Communication, a.k.a. Crisis Comm.


The workload was massive. The final paper and presentation were insane. More insane than Insanity.

But I worked hard, and I got an A. I am really proud of that paper, the project and the presentation. My professor told me to “consider a Ph.D.” And two other professors have told me to write a thesis.

I need to stop listening to crazy people. They stress me out. :)

Right now – that’s the plan. I even completed my Plan of Study today with who will probably be my thesis adviser.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

(If I have enough anxiety, I’ll lose weight, but if I just stress, I’ll gain it.
But I’m crazy either way!)

So… what are those future plans for work? I want to be a college professor. Corporate America is not for me. I think I belong in academe.

What do you want to be? :)

Also, I found these search engine search terms funny!

  • insanity measurements (Heck, yes!)
  • skinnyshae (19 total searches – I’m making a small, small name for myself.)
  • yoga is evil
  • (I have no idea.)
  • short flippy hair
  • i’m so bad at power yoga
  • blue moon beer calories (Someone else is in love like me!)
  • morning mental clarity exercises (This person probably did not find my blog helpful.)
  • “nuggets of glory”+”food”+”recipe” (Awesome.)

Oh, I smiled. :)

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