Think yourself thinner! (or simply more confident)

Another grumpy morning before a workout? Well, how strange… Why am I a grump before my workouts? I always end the workout on Cloud 9!

Perhaps, somewhere in the back of my mind, I fear that the workout won’t work. I have failed before.

Perhaps, I’m just sweating and struggling for nothing in front of other people who are probably judging me and wondering why I’m even at the gym (and listening to smooth jazz really loudly on their iPod being creepers).

None of that is true, of course.

The logical  part of me -shut up all of you with your woman comments -knows that none of that is true. But the emotional part of me that is concerned with what I look like and how I look doing something like exercise doesn’t believe the logical part of me.

It often ignores me.

I know in order to lose weight or become healthier, I need an attitude to match. Grumpies never got anyone very far anyway…

Follow these guidelines to Think Yourself Thinner!

Ban the word “diet” from your vocabulary…
Of course when you try to explain to someone that you can’t eat this or that, they’ll say, “What are you on a diet?” And then you’ll have to clarify for them and feel like a jerk… So… I’m iffy on this guideline.

What the article means is that “diets” are temporary. Lifestyle changes are more permanent.

Don’t make it all about the dress size.
Skinny jeans inspire skinnyshae, but I’ll be more likely to succeed if I think beyond the superficial. Make meaningful goals, such as getting healthy for your kids, your spouse or your family or avoiding a health condition you might inherit from great aunt Sissy.

Be realistic.
Dropping a dress size in a matter of days is impossible (if not impossible, it is unhealthy). Aim for losing one pound a week. Even better? Don’t focus on the scale; create easily attainable goals (which I sometimes see as not-tough-enough), such as using skim milk instead of cream in your coffee.

Plus, dropping a dress size doesn’t matter as much as feeling good in the clothes you love.

Think twice before you drink.
I usually don’t think at all, so maybe I should listen. Liquid calories still count! And there are countless calories in alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and sugary sodas.

Don’t swear off your favorite foods.
But what if my favorite food happens to be French fries? I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to eat those!

However, making treats totally off-limits can sabotage weight-loss goals. Boo. Small portions of those treats are best to curb cravings and keep from overindulging. My friend Ashley R. says that we should suck on a piece of dark chocolate every time we get a craving for something sweet (salty or spicy –honestly I think it works no matter what you want).

Expect imperfection.
I tell my students every day that there is no such thing as a perfect speech, and perfect is not something we should aim for in our diets, either.

Did an indulgence turn into a binge? It’s okay! Don’t freak! Let it go and get back on track the next day. (This is how I feel about eating prepackaged cookies when I’m having a lady day!)

Visualize your success.
I tell my students to do this all the time! Wow! I never knew any of my advice applied to weight loss. Woo hoo!

Picture yourself slimmer as you’re walking down the beach I a skimpy (but conservative –haha!) bathing suit. Or think of something that works for you! I don’t live near a beach and rarely wear swimming suits. I visualize that I look fantastic in a pair of yoga pants and a tank top doing the perfect Warrior II!

Mind your table manners.
Don’t wolf down your food; spend some quality time with it! You’re eating, so enjoy it, girls!

Eating too quickly may interfere with the release of gut hormones that help you feel full, leading to overeating and messing up your weight loss goals. Slow down!

Be a picky eater.
This is bad for me because I’ll try just about anything once (i.e. mountain oysters that my parents tricked me into eating; mushrooms, which I hate, but people have convinced me to eat one). (That mushroom wasn’t too bad, either.)

Basically, don’t waste your daily calories on food you don’t love. Love that food! Love it and eat it!

Don’t indulge in a craving the minute it strikes.
Cravings usually dissipate in 15-20 minutes. Hopefully you get that craving while stuck behind your desk or in a meeting at work…

Do you want a cookie and know you can’t have it? Drink a glass of water to put something in your belly, play a game on your computer or talk a walk. Picture anything but cookies!

Avoid peer pressure.
Do you have jerky friends? To avoid social dining sabotage when you’re out with the girls, check out the restaurant’s menu online before dining out and make a healthy choice right away. When you get there, don’t even look at the menu.

Ditch the put-downs.
Why do women always put themselves down and compare themselves to other women when the most attractive thing about us is our confidence in ourselves?

I’ll tell you why: A million eyes looking at us and noticing, like we do, that we are not Heidi Klum. Guess what? It’s not really real.

Stay away from negative self-commentary! (No blame, though. I feel this way ALL the time.)

Good attitude. Good workout. Good health. Some nonsense about stress and cortisol and adrenaline. Endorphins, blah, blah. It won’t work for all of us, but I think by attempting to change our attitudes about the dieting and the exercising and the creepers in the gym, we can feel thinner (which I need because I feel jiggly today).

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