No tornado… yet (in Kansas)

It’s tornado season in Tornado Alley!

As a Kansas native who has survived a tornado (as a baby – I don’t actually remember it), you could assume that I no longer fear tornadoes.

You assume incorrectly.

I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes. Thunder, rain, hail, lightning – give me all you’ve got! Wind? Pssh! No big!

Put all those things together and make ’em spin around really fast?

Pee my pants scared.

Since 4 p.m., a tornado watch has been in effect and a “potentially dangerous” severe thunderstorm warning has also been in effect -a deadly concoction I cannot quite stomach.

What did I do?

Left work an hour early, got a few errands done before the storm came in and packed a suitcase with underwear, socks, shoes and T-shirts. Toothpaste, too. Just in case.

So what happens?

Shining sun through sparkling leaves
skinnyshae's front yard after a rain storm
My front yard! Well, some of it. That river is my drive way :)

I am sure I angered Husband greatly :) when I woke him up early because I was scared. I feel badly about it.

I do this every time a severe thunderstorm, tornado watch or tornado warning happens, and I’ll never change. One day, my paranoia will save our lives. I hang on to that.

Dana @ mylittlecelebration saw a tornado, which officially inducted her in to Kansas for reals. (You can be born here and never join this club!)

UPDATE: Seven people were killed in Oklahoma and Kansas due to tornadoes and severe winds. Read a story here. Send your prayers to those who have lost in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

On a much lighter note: I’m probably NOT cutting my hair. Gah. I’m so fickle.

Another light note: Dinner tonight consists of delicious roast chicken thighs with roasted potatoes and lightly roasted green beans, as well as crescent rolls with White Stilton Cheese with Blueberries baked inside for ooey gooey goodness!

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Golden Potatoes and UnCut Green Beans
The flesh-y colored triangles are the chicken thigh bits. We ate most of them before leftovers made it to this container.
White Stilton British English Cheese with Blueberries baked in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls dusted with sugar
Little bundle of all things happy!
White Stilton British English Cheese with Blueberries baked in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls dusted with Sugar
I cannot get enough of this cheese! In these rolls! Lovely little nuggets.

Jealous? Check out my recipes! Don’t believe everything I create (or change completely from the original), make it your own! Also. I am NOT a good cook so my advice is to be taken with a grain of salt.

And yet another light note: I love my summer job! I’m having so much fun working with the people and working on the website and content! I have a uber awesome job.