Internships and weightloss… internship about weightloss?

Last night, Husband and I went to the gym to workout. I did not go to the night session of Bikini Boot Camp so I did the Superset Cardio Workout from Women’s Health Magazine.

It went well. I know because I hurt. (In a good way.)

Unfortunately, I might be missing out on a few workouts a week because of recent happenings. It will soon become much more difficult to fit in a workout every day. Why, oh why, do I do this to myself? :)

In my panic of not having a job this summer, I applied all over the place at once. One to two weeks later, everywhere I applied (OK, not everywhere) contacted me for interviews. I scheduled a bunch! And then this happened…

“Hey, Shae, let’s talk schedule.”

I believe I might be biting off more than I can chew… and I can eat a lot. I just devoured a bagel in three minutes! (Forgive me. I was really hungry.)

As of today, I may or may not be working three different jobs this summer!

Oh, my!

Oh, yes.

For instance, I will be teaching, and I might be in the marketing AND blogging business… but not for skinnyshae. :( No worries, I won’t be gone; you’ll just see less of me.

While I know my own limits, I always like to push them -especially in a professional manner. I’m  glutton for punishment. (Don’t you think it’s weird that I hate exercise?)

Pushing myself this way, though, is good for me, and it’s good for any future career I seek. My resume is built on experience I got in school -in my undergrad, mostly. While that experience is not to be downplayed, it is hard to say I can do something if I’ve never done it in a professional setting! I need to be “out there” getting work done for people who will consider me an employee, instead of a student.

I need to do this. I just might have to make a few sacrifices along the way. My blog, skinnyshae, is not going to be one of those serious sacrifices. Plus, I might desperately NEED it for the blogging opportunity I was offered. However, because of my desire to get myself out into the workforce and away from school (at least for three months), I will have to limit my posting and dedication to skinnyshae.

For that, I am sorry.

Don’t give up on me, though! I’m not finished yet.

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