Symptom: Tight muscles, Cause: Running, Cure: Yoga

Power Yoga on Saturday morning revealed to me how extremely tight my poor, poor muscles are.

My right leg malfunctioned.

However, I know that yoga is good for tight hips and cramping thighs. Off to Power Yoga I went!

Bad idea. I couldn’t do anything, hence the following…

Yoga For Runners
by Nicole Kwan
(An article to help you loosen up – click the link for the full article.)

If you want total body fitness, not just strong legs, you need upper body strength. Running can lead to tightness in the neck, shoulders, hamstrings and hips. Huh, who knew? Yoga, by comparison, is more relaxing than running -especially for the neck and shoulders. Yoga also builds upper body strength! (Tell that to my back…)

The experts suggest using side plank to build upper body strength while working your core at the same time.

If you want pain-free running (and we all do), you need increased strength and flexibility, which yoga provides. Yoga opens joints, leading to increased flexibility; yoga also builds all-muscle strength.

However, the experts warn us to be safe! If you are super tight, you are in danger of pulling a “hammy.” (Is that not the cutest word ever?)

If you want to prevent injuries, you need perfect posture. You also need perfect posture to look taller, thinner and more confident. Guess what yoga does for us? Perfect posture! :) Mountain pose, tree pose… pretty much any one-legged pose… builds balance and posture.

If you want agility, and I most definitely do, you need to stretch correctly. Remember this sequence: Warm-up, stretch, workout, stretch. Doing yoga after a workout, especially a run, will help you feel better in the morning. (I’m always sore in the morning…)

Do you want to recover faster? You need consistent yoga practice. Power Yoga this morning was my first day back after the final three hellish weeks of the semester. I couldn’t do anything… remember? Consistent yoga practice prevents build up of scar tissue. Working out breaks you down; you have to rebuild, and no one wants to build scar tissue. Gross.

Attention, runners! Take a break from the track! Get on the mat!

Just because yoga did not go well for me this morning, it does not mean I won’t be going back. I need yoga as much as I need Bikini Boot Camp.

(Plus, I’m still paying for membership on top of personal training. I am taking full advantage.)

Unfortunately, I will not be at Bikini Boot Camp on Monday morning :( I have a good reason! I have a job interview when class is being held… and I really need a job.

Hopefully, Casey Jo will let me sneak in her evening class so I can get a good workout in. If not, or I forget, I’ll do… an… Insanity workout… GAH! I must hate myself. :)

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