Super sore from a full-body workout


My body is all sorts of mad at me! I feel like I got hit by a bus. My glutes, hamstrings, QUADS and shoulders hurt so bad.

It’s a good hurt, right? :)

Bikini Bootcamp, which I have decided to pay for and attend for the month of May, at least, is a full-body workout. No muscle group goes without stress.

Full-body workouts are effective and time-saving because these workouts work all major muscle groups and your heart and lungs at the same time. You do squats while doing shoulder press, drop everything and do five pushups and then sprint… well, you get the idea.

Full-body workouts are challenging, so choose one you like! suggests these

Boot Camp Workout
Any workout with the words “boot camp” in front of it makes me nervous. (And I’m right to be nervous… Bikini Bootcamp…)

According to the article, boot camp workouts are a challenging way to build agility, strength and endurance. Usually very intense, they include military-style drills, sprints and traditional calisthenics, such as lunges, crunches, push-ups and pull-ups. INSANITY is a boot camp workout.

However, boot camp workouts make use of interval training –high intensity bursts within lower-intensity workouts –which is known to burn more calories than exercising at a steady pace and is more effective at increasing aerobic capacity.

What in the world is a kettlebell, and why have I never heard of this workout?

Well, while kettlebells are not a new concept, workouts using kettlebells have risen to popularity fairly recently. (I know I never used them in my high school gym classes.)

The kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle. The shape makes use of momentum and centrifugal force that enable you to get strength and aerobic benefits at the same time. (This sounds like a little too much science for me. :( )

Nordic Walking
Walking plus cross-country skiing equals Nordic walking… sounds like it’s going to be awkward. (Don’t worry! It totally is!)

Nordic walkers use a pair of modified ski poles to help propel themselves, which reduces impact on the legs and adds an upper-body workout to walking. (I just pump my arms…) But it is also helpful to the knees and to people with poor balance.

I think it sounds weird.

Rowing! Rowing is actually lots of fun once you get past the horrible back pain.

Rowing works all major muscle groups as it improves cardiovascular fitness. Rowing is done with a continuous, smooth, low-impact movement and includes training, such as fat-burning, aerobic conditioning, interval training and high-intensity anaerobic training.

Four full-body workouts to get you going! Debbie Seibers, creator of “Slim n’ 6!,” also makes use of full-body exercises to get your heart rate going and turn on your fat-burners.

Today, I will be doing a regular body workout and take a walk with my friend, Ashley R. :) Got get in some cardio!

Does job-hunting count? I’ll be walking allover the place today.

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