Ugh… I might be dying.

Two words: Bikini Bootcamp.

Zomg, death.

I want to attempt -and I stress the word “attempt” -to get into shape this summer.

Yes. We’ve been here before. Don’t you think I hate it, too?

I failed miserably to get into shape in grad school this semester. While I was doing really well at the beginning of the semester, toward the end, I pooped out. Complete physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Grad school does that to a person. I’m looking forward to sleeping this summer. :)

AND getting into shape. My grandparents have a pool, and I’ll be bored without school so I’ll be there ALL the time. I would, however, like to look less whale-ish and more hotness.

Can I pull it off?

No. There is no hope, but I have hope! (Ugh.)

Bikini Bootcamp is a personal-training thingy at the YMCA. On top of my membership without personal training, it’s $74 more for the month.

I know, right? I hate spending money when I could just do it myself! But I have commitment issues. Exercise and I are seriously off-again right now and I need some motivation and some accountability.

Serious accountability.

Plus, I can’t spend the entire summer lying around on my duff! That’s just silly.

Bikini Bootcamp v. Insanity. Well, both programs remind me of soccer practice. I’ll let you know my decision.

(However, it’s more fun to work out in a group than it is to work out in my living room… with my dog… and the stupid cat.)

Gah! And I’m going to have to eat better! Less red meat… and beer… :(

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