It’s been awhile…

For a beauty blog! I yap too much about diet and exercise that I forget that feeling pretty is most of the equation for women. (And when was the last time I put together a journal blog? Awhile…)

Journal Stories: Secrets of a bored girl
Entry # 7
Look 10 Years Younger

Do you ever feel like you look old, tired and worn out? Or are you just looking older than you want to look? Your face, skin and hair are not quite as young as they used to be, and it’s depressing.

While I am not at an age where my skin and hair are wrinkling and thinning (I still have zit farms cropping up on my forehead), I know many women who would rather look about 10 years younger.

Thanks to my inability to do useful things throughout the day, I found an article to help women look 10 years younger (piece by piece) in just 10 minutes and felt the need to share.

Eyebrows: All hair thins with age, and that includes your eyebrows. The brow itself may also sit lower on your face –making you look tired –because of the loss of collagen and elastin, which causes sagging.

Upper lids: Decreased circulation and loss of elasticity causes your eyes to be puffy long after you’ve woken up.

Under eyes: Dark circles get darker with time. Thinning skin and missing fat pads (which sit below the eyes) are to blame.

Lashes: Become thinner, too. Sorry girls!

Skin: Wrinkles, dry skin and sun exposure leave you with dead skin cells and duller, rougher texture.

Lips: Lips lose definition due to sun damage and loss of elasticity. Some women develop vertical lines around their mouths, which I have always called the parentheses, and, yes, I have them.

Jaw and neck: Gravity plus the loss of collagen and elastin contribute to the epic loss of definition along the contours of the face. (I highly doubt that chin exerciser works.)

That is not the only news! Of course not!

Now, I, and LHJ, will tell you how to look 10 years younger in what they claim will only take 10 minutes. (I’d set aside a half hour just in case.)

For your facial skin…

  • Primer – Mature skin doesn’t hold on to color long, making primer an essential makeup step. The newest formulas create a smooth surface and have light-reflecting particles. Spread it all over your face and let it set for maximum effectiveness.
  • Light foundation – Heavy makeup will only make deeper the lines and wrinkles you want to hide. Instead, use a synthetic-bristle brush to concentrate coverage around key areas, such as on your nose, forehead and chin. This will give you a natural look.

For your eyes…

  • Concealer – Apply from the inner corner to mid-pupil to brighten up the eyes like nothing else. Start with three dots right near your tear duct and blend with your rig finger or a brush. Do not layer concealer over the lines near the corners of your eyes.
  • Eyeliner – Line your upper lash line with a richly colored liner, but not black, which is too harsh; and don’t line the lower lash line, which will make you look tired.
  • Eye shadow – Light-colored shadows attract light and dark-colored shadows absorb light. For example, pink or beige shadows on the lids direct attention to and brighten the eyes. Following with a brown or gray along the crease will firm up a saggy lid.
  • Defined brows – A well-groomed brow is essential. Fill in gaps with feathery strokes with a pencil one shade lighter than your brow. And, to lift the eyes, define along the top part of the brow, starting a bit in from the inner edge and concentrating on the peak.

For your cheeks and jaw…

  • Cream blush – Step One: Start with a cream blush in a shade that matches your skin’s natural flush; a creamy texture is ideal for older, drier skin. Blend it with your fingers, keeping the color just on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Powder blush – Step Two: Go for a shade that is brighter than you usually wear for that extra pop of color that mature skin needs. Dust it over the cream blush to make the look last for hours.
  • Darker foundation – Take a darker foundation or powder and rub it along your neck and right underneath your jaw. The goal is to have the color emulate the natural shadow that’s already there.

For your lips…

  • Lip liner – As the lip liner becomes less defined and tiny lines start to appear, lip liner can redefine the edges. To avoid the ugly ring look, use a lip pencil in a sheer gloss texture.
  • Lipstick – (Completely unnecessary. Sorry.) Brighter shades like cranberry and cherry complement fading skin tones. Go for the sheerest texture you can find and dab it on with your finger for a pouty look.

Maybe the makeup routine really only takes 10 minutes… but I would have to redo the lips at least four times because I hate lipstick so much… so I would set aside an extra 10 just for them.

Go luck girls! Women… Ladies… I don’t know. Just get your young on.