Announcement #1
I went to the gym today… for the first time in almost two weeks. (Sticks and stones fly through computer screen and smash skinnyshae’s face in.) No! Please forgive me!

Okay, okay… I know sticks and stones can’t fly through my computer screen, but I would totally deserve it if they did!

Why haven’t I been to the gym? Extreme busyness. I know that is a bad excuse, but I was thinking about the gym and wanting to go to the gym. I carried my stocked gym bag -complete with shower supplies, if needed -around with me all of last week. Not once did I make it out there. :(

That’s not to say I didn’t “workout” at all. Ivan and I went for walks. I tried to do yoga in my living room and even did yoga with Husband one night. I’ve been active, but not as active as I have been sedative.

Total problem.

Have I gained weight back? Not really. But muscle tissue is certainly a little jigglier than it was two weeks ago, and that gives me a sad.

Announcement #2
I hurt my knee last week… I fell up a flight of stairs and caught myself with my knee (luckily not my face)… and it feels better today!

No one could possibly be as clumsy as I am… :(

Announcement #3
When selecting recipes, one should not judge a dish by what it looks like in the picture. What looks like a melt-y, amazing fruit pocket is really just a pancake. Husband does not like pancakes. I like mine COVERED in some sort of fruit compote. Blueberries come to mind… Sigh…

That wasn’t really an announcement… Advice?

Announcement #4
I have a really, really, really, really important interview tomorrow… so I probably won’t be going to the gym. :(

Future goals five? (No one slaps hand.) Ah…

Announcement #5
I should have five announcements. Four is not a good number with which to end…

Hmmmmmmmm. ONLY FIVE MORE WEEKS OF THE SEMESTER! Thank goodness!

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